Spice Up Your Meals with Tangy Mustard Sauce

Hickory Farms has found a few recipes to add a spicy little kick to your dishes this winter by using mustard as an ingredient. Try some of these to give your taste buds a real treat!

Source: The Kitchn

Rigatoni with Shredded Pork in Mustard Cream Sauce puts a delightfully different twist on a very simple pasta recipe. It’s a great way to finish up the end of a pork roast, or you can simply substitute crumbled sweet Italian sausage. Both meats blend deliciously with the tang of the mustard to create a tasty sensation you’ll love. Along with these ingredients, combine heavy cream, olive oil, chicken broth, sliced onion, fresh thyme or basil with mustard and salt and pepper. Serve hot from the stove to the table!

Source: Saveur

You can make this Vegetable Ragout in Mustard Buerre Blanc either as a hearty side dish or as a stand-alone main course. The ingredients call for asparagus, potatoes and cauliflower, but you could add or substitute broccoli according to taste. Roast some strips of bell pepper, add some chopped onions and mushrooms to a little white wine, mustard and a few other herbs and spices, and you’ve got a savory dish perfect for a cold winter night.

Source: Kraft Recipes

Kielbasa with Honey Mustard is a quick dinner fix that can be ready in as few as 15 minutes, making it a perfect dinner choice for on-the-go families. All you need is kielbasa, brown sugar, honey mustard and ginger ale. If you don’t have kielbasa, substitute some of Hickory Farms’ award-winning summer sausage from our Deluxe Smokehouse Collection Gift Box, which is chock-full of tasty treats — four varieties of sausage and cheeses, Cranberry Mustard, Honey & Pineapple Mustard, two jars of our Sweet Hot Mustard and more!


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Learning How to Pair Wine & Meat

Our wine pairing series continues! We started with Wine and Cheese Pairing 101 and Wine and Cheese Pairing for Intermediates, and then moved on to the Truth About Wine and Chocolate. Today, we’re switching from sweet back to savory as we explore wine and meat pairing.

Tracy Sellers of the California Bountiful blog reminds us that wine and food pairing is about creating harmonious relationships that bring out the best elements in one another. As executive chef Michael Tuohy told Sellers, “A good match will bring out the nuances and enhance the flavors and unique characters of both the food and the wine.”

There is an old rule that red meat should always be paired with red wine and white meat should always be paired with white wines. But as most sommeliers will confirm, sticking to this type of rule can result in missed opportunities to enjoy truly heavenly combinations. As Master Sommelier Larry Stone says, even the slightest pinch of salt above what a recipe calls for can completely change a dish and, in turn, the wine that it will best pair with.

The best approach when learning how to pair wine with meat is to keep an open mind and try to test your palette and pay attention to the subtleties. Take cues from the sauces, seasonings, spices and other flavors to decide which red or white wine will bring out the juiciness of the meat or the flavors it’s cooked with. Here are a few of our favorite tips from the Food & Wine editors to get you started.


  • Meats and fish prepared with rich sauces go great with Chardonnay.
  • Pair meats dressed in a tangy or tart sauce with a Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Unoaked wines pair nicely with any dish that you can squeeze a lemon or lime on.
  • With lighter meats, focus on pairing the wine with the sauce.
  • Cabernet often enhances juicy red meats.

Practice your wine and meat pairing skills over a fun meal with friends. And to make it even easier to get the wine cork rolling, start with Hickory Farms gourmet food and wine boxes such as our Summer Sausage Trio, Fruit & Cheese Fest, Toast the Traditions box, or our Vineyards & Orchards package.

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Wine & Cheese Pairing 101

Making wine is an art, but enjoying wine can be an art as well. And while wine pairing requires a little know-how, anyone can dabble in the art of enjoying wine with cheese. Here are a few basic guidelines to get you started.

Photo via Recipe.com

  1. You can’t go wrong with white wine and cheese. Many white wines go nicely with cheese because of their lively acidity and lack of tannins.
  2. When it comes to reds, choose wines that are low-tannin, high in acidity, fruity in flavor, or lower in alcohol.
  3. Darker, tannin red wines are best with cheddar or jack cheese and other harder, saltier cow’s milk cheeses. Just remember that “tannins need fat,” as Honest Cooking magazine puts it.

Don’t forget that cheese is food, so you can always fall back on the most basic rule of wine and food pairing. We like how Eatocracy words it: “Just as lighter wines tend to go better with lighter foods and heavier wines with heavier foods, lighter cheeses are better with lighter wines.”

If all else fails, just have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment! You can’t really make mistakes when it comes to wine pairing, you’ll just notice that certain pairings end up creating a more enjoyable experience than others. As one cheesemonger told the Napa Valley Register, “Once you hit the right combination (of wine and cheese), you’ll know… your palate will tell you.” So trust your palate!


And to make enjoying wine and cheese together easier, Hickory Farms offers several gourmet food baskets that feature wine, cheese, and other delicious foods to pair with wine including fruit, nuts, and crackers. Our Cheese Trio or one of our Wine Gifts, for example, would be perfect for throwing your own wine pairing party or for gifting to a host.
What are your favorite wine and cheese pairings? Share your wine pairing stories with us in a comment below or on the Hickory Farms Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to see our recent post on Tips from Wine & Food Experts on How to Host a Wine Tasting.

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