Special Occasions: Your Best Valentine’s Day Yet

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and when planning the perfect present for your sweetheart, coming up with a gift that is as unique and as special as your Valentine can be a bit tricky. Here at Hickory Farms, we want to help with your Valentine’s Day plans, so you can share a day with your darling that far surpasses every other day. By following these simple steps, you will pull off the best Valentine’s Day yet.

A Romantic Meal for Two

Cooking a meal at home for your loved one takes far more effort than a reservation at a fancy restaurant. All of this extra effort is also another great way to show how much you care. This year, instead of dressing up and going to the best restaurant in town, bring those cream of the crop flavors home and whip up an out of this world dinner for two.

When deciding what to conjure up for your love, stick to something classic, simple, and  will make a beautiful presentation. Surf and Turf- the combination of lobster tails and filet minion is a classic romantic meal, while remaining easy to make and very delicious.

With this delicious combination of flavors, flowers for the table, and candles to top it all off, your romantic dinner for two will go off without a hitch.



The Perfect Box of Chocolates

Do not underestimate the appreciation of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple. While buying your love an ordinary box of chocolates can be cliché, purchasing an assortment of the most premium, handcrafted confectionary masterpieces takes chocolate to an entirely new level.

That’s where the Signature Chocolate Collection comes into play. With signature flavors including Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Almond Butter Toffee, Raspberry Sorbet Heart, Espresso Coffee cream, and eight other dreamy flavors, this box of chocolate far surpasses the flavors in any other box of chocolates your Valentine has tried.

Finishing Touches

It’s all in the details, so there are a few finishing touches you must not forget!

1. A heartfelt letter is often overlooked. What better chance to tell your sweetheart know how much you care than on Valentine’s Day?

2. Simple is better. Don’t try to over-complicate the day. Dinner, a simple gift, and conversation is always an appreciated gesture.

3. Have fun! Today is just like any other day, but better, because you get to enjoy it with your Valentine.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

The winter months and the cold temperatures that they bring are the perfect reason to stay inside with the one you love. This Valentine’s Day, make sure Cupid’s arrow shoots straight and true by gifting your loved ones with the perfect present. Hickory Farms has found some interesting ideas for couples to share with one another.

For Her

Source: Bloomingdale’s

  • You can’t go wrong with a little sparkle for your best girl. Marc Jacobs’ Love Stud earrings in 10 karat gold are a wonderful way to remind her she’ll always hold the key to your heart.


  • Our decadent dozen Hickory Farms Italian Ice Cream Truffles gift box is a sure way to shower your sweetheart with delicious sweets.

Source: Perpetual Kid

  • This I Love You Plant Kit is a living symbol of the love you share each day. Each kit contains all she’ll need to grow a sweet pea plant.

For Him

Source: Perpetual Kid


  • Our box of Hickory Farms Snowflake Pretzels is sure to warm his heart, while he watches basketball and munches away this winter.

Source: JezebelCharms via Etsy

  • Is your man a lover of literature? Give him a set of Pride and Prejudice cufflinks that say how ardently you admire and love him on the inside.

Hickory Farms Sweet Indulgences make for wonderful surprise offerings of love or friendship all year long. Best of all, you can shop online from the comfort of your home, or stop by a store near you to pick up a quick gift or staples to re-stock your pantry. Our gift baskets have a little something in them for everyone to enjoy. Call 800.753.8558 to place your Valentine’s Day order today.