Birthday Gifts for Foodie Friends

Have you been racking your brain trying to think of the perfect birthday gift for a friend? For the foodie friend that seems to have it all, your personal touch and a little TLC will go a long way toward making their birthday gift extra special. Give the food enthusiasts in your life a wonderful gift they won’t forget with these fantastic food basket ideas.

Source: Taste of Home

Decadent truffles are a truly special treat. Make your own by melting chocolate, amaretto,and vanilla in a double broiler. Cool the mixture before forming into small balls rolled in sugar and cocoa. Wrap your truffles in a festive box and present the lucky birthday person with your treats, accompanied by a box of Hickory Farms Italian Ice Cream Truffles. This decadent combination of sweets will be a perfect alternative to the classic birthday cake.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Give your friends the gift of a great, homemade Italian meal. Make a fun pizza kit by wrapping homemade pizza dough, a cup of sauce and an assortment of toppings together. Include our Cheddar Flight with Salami for a great antipasti course.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Spice it up by making homemade hot sauce. In a large pan, boil down vinegar, carrots, onion, lime, garlic, salt and your favorite type of peppers. Blend and strain the mixture. After it’s cooled, ladle the sauce into small bottles with cork tops and design your own custom label. Finish by placing the sauce in one of our gourmet food baskets for a truly unique touch.

Source: Taste of Home

Everybody loves an evening spent outside by the fire. Treat your friend to homemade hot cocoa and marshmallows tucked into cute mugs. Add it to our Pack and Go Picnic Tote, so they’ll have everything they need for a great fireside meal.


Give the gift of an easy breakfast by combining pancake makings, including dry ingredients and an assortment of dried nuts and fruits, together in a cute bag. Pair the gift with our Farmstand Fruit Spreads, so the birthday person can find their favorite flavor combinations.

By combining these simple treats with our collection of Hickory Farms Birthday Gifts, you can create memorable presents for all your foodie friends.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

The winter months and the cold temperatures that they bring are the perfect reason to stay inside with the one you love. This Valentine’s Day, make sure Cupid’s arrow shoots straight and true by gifting your loved ones with the perfect present. Hickory Farms has found some interesting ideas for couples to share with one another.

For Her

Source: Bloomingdale’s

  • You can’t go wrong with a little sparkle for your best girl. Marc Jacobs’ Love Stud earrings in 10 karat gold are a wonderful way to remind her she’ll always hold the key to your heart.


  • Our decadent dozen Hickory Farms Italian Ice Cream Truffles gift box is a sure way to shower your sweetheart with delicious sweets.

Source: Perpetual Kid

  • This I Love You Plant Kit is a living symbol of the love you share each day. Each kit contains all she’ll need to grow a sweet pea plant.

For Him

Source: Perpetual Kid


  • Our box of Hickory Farms Snowflake Pretzels is sure to warm his heart, while he watches basketball and munches away this winter.

Source: JezebelCharms via Etsy

  • Is your man a lover of literature? Give him a set of Pride and Prejudice cufflinks that say how ardently you admire and love him on the inside.

Hickory Farms Sweet Indulgences make for wonderful surprise offerings of love or friendship all year long. Best of all, you can shop online from the comfort of your home, or stop by a store near you to pick up a quick gift or staples to re-stock your pantry. Our gift baskets have a little something in them for everyone to enjoy. Call 800.753.8558 to place your Valentine’s Day order today.

Traditions Matter – Creating Unique Christmas Traditions

Whether it’s traveling around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, making cookie baskets for friends or snuggling up together to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, the special moments that are created by Christmas traditions are what make this time of year so magical. And it’s these special moments with our family and loved ones that turn into Christmas memories we cherish for years to come.

In addition to carrying on the Christmas traditions that have been in your family for generations, it is also exciting to establish new holiday traditions. Below are some wonderful ideas for unique traditions that are sure to make this Christmas season especially bright for your family and loved ones.

Holiday traditions from Hickory Farms

Photo via Find Joy in the Journey Blog

The Happy Housewife blogger shares several of her family’s traditions that revolve around the Christmas tree. Her family cuts down their own Christmas tree each year and decorates it together. But what we thought was really neat was how her family always has a big slumber party under the tree!

Christmas sweets from Hickory Farms

Christmas sweets from Hickory Farms

Country music stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have established several traditions with their three daughters that they all look forward to each year. First, they always put up the Christmas tree on their daughter Audrey’s birthday. Then on Christmas Eve, they all get to open one present – which is always new Christmas pajamas to wear to bed that night. Finally, they always make sure to put out food for Santa’s reindeer!

Table setting ideas from Hickory Farms

She Knows magazine lists several Christmas traditions from moms around the U.S. on their website. One mom’s story was quite heartwarming. Marcella’s family invites someone from the community that they know is in need to their home on Christmas Eve for a special meal, Christmas sweets and some holiday family fun.

Spread holiday cheer with Hickory Farms

Christmas presents are always the perfect opportunity for families to enjoy fun and exciting traditions. Forever Families, for example, suggests drawing names from a hat and then making each other handmade gifts. It’s always a fun surprise to see who-has-who and what they came up with as the perfect present!

Christmas traditions from Hickory Farms

Women’s Day magazine shares the story of one Fayetteville, AR, family who started a great tradition of sneakily spreading Christmas cheer throughout their whole town. In 1994, the family decided to secretly decorate a tree that they displayed in town as a special surprise for all the residents. Each year, the family continued to surprise everyone with this Christmas treat that eventually turned into a magnificent display as the tree grew from three feet to almost 30 feet in height. After the family’s children were grown, the community continued the tradition. Now each year, the tree is decorated by community members who remain a mystery!

Does your family have any unique Christmas traditions? Old or new, we would love to hear what traditions your family has for the holidays. Please leave a comment to share with us, or post it to the Hickory Farms Facebook page.