Throw a Christmas Party in July

What better way to beat the heat than to celebrate Christmas in July? One of the most unique summer entertaining ideas we’ve come across yet, hosting a Christmas Party in July can be a fun and festive way to gather friends and family in the spirit of a favorite holiday.

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Send out invitations using summer-inspired holiday cards with snowmen in sunglasses or Santa in a Hawaiian shirt. Your guests will be surprised to receive a Christmas card in July, and this will really pique their interests and get them excited for your party. For décor, take inspiration from treasured holiday traditions, but put a summertime spin on them. Hang some funky Christmas lights and deck out a palm tree with summer-themed Christmas ornaments like Santa on a surfboard or seashells dangling from red and green ribbons.

Add some upbeat Christmas carols to your party playlist like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” Mix them in with your usual party medley so guests will be surprised when another Christmas song pops up.

Come up with some festive drinks like red and green margaritas or frosty eggnog daiquiris. Serve them right along with homemade Christmas cookies brightly decorated in summer colors. Hickory Farms Italian Ice Cream Truffles would also make for a great cool treat. You can even stack them and decorate them to look like snowmen!

Christmas in July can also be a fun theme for a child’s birthday party. All kids love Christmas, so getting to celebrate it twice will certainly put smiles on their faces. Because it’s July, blow up a few beach balls and hang up some beach towels to make it a Christmas luau. Invite the kids to put on their bathing suits for a water balloon fight out in the yard with red and green balloons. Or, set up a game of horseshoes renaming it “Reindeershoes” or a game of musical chairs with Christmas tunes.

Whether you do a Christmas in July party for friends or kids, everyone is sure to love this theme! You may even start a new tradition. And don’t forget that Hickory Farms has delicious gourmet foods and treats for memorable parties and easy summer entertaining.


Starting a Supper Club

We all know that good company and good food are two ingredients that can always be used to whip up a good time. That’s why we love the idea of a supper club. With a supper club you always have something fun to look forward to!

While the idea of a supper club may sound fabulous, organizing one can be another story. But with the proper planning, you can start a supper club that turns into a tradition you and your friends can enjoy for years to come. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful way to make sure that everyone is carving out time from their busy schedules to clink glasses and share delicious food, great conversation and lots of laughs.

To help you set up your own supper club, here are our favorite tips and tricks compiled from entertaining experts around the web.

Select the Perfect Sized Supper Club

Merritt Watts of Everyday Food recommends selecting a group of six to 10 people for supper clubs. This way, your supper club will be large enough to ensure conversation is always lively, while small enough to fit around one dinner table. It’s also a great size because you will still have a party even if a few people are unable to attend.

Keep the Conversation Going

It’s much easier to keep a supper club going when you set up a line of ongoing communication. Look for an e-mail service, third party website or another tool for creating an online calendar that everyone has access to and which anyone can edit. This can also be the place where members can plan menus and post notices about themes or items-to-bring. As a post on The Daily Meal reminds us, communication is key to a successful supper club.

Always Make it Engaging

Letting everyone be a part of the menu selection by voting or having each member contribute a dish can always be a great way to keep everyone involved, but try to find ways to get everyone excited about each supper club gathering, whether it’s with a fun theme or a fascinating cooking lesson. Themes by culture or region like French and Italian can be nice, but don’t be afraid to get creative. One supper club enthusiast from San Diego, Andrea Myers, told Cooking Light that her club has had fun with themes like “finger foods – where every course can be eaten with your hands – and things your mother used to make.” You’ll notice there’s never a lull in conversation when a supper club gathering is designed around a cooking lesson such as learning more about pairing wine and food.

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Do you have a supper club or have you organized one before? Share your supper club stories in a comment below!

For more summer entertaining, gourmet food and cooking ideas, be sure to stay tuned to the Hickory Farms blog.

An All-Star MLB Cookout

Nothing goes together like summertime and baseball, America’s favorite pastime. So why not invite a bunch of friends over to celebrate the 84th annual All-Star Major League Baseball game coming up on July 16, 2013?

We love Rachel Ray‘s idea for throwing a baseball cookout in your backyard. With the right decorations, you can make your guests feel like they’re right in Citi Field. You can even fashion your own JumboTron with a rented projector and a blank canvas or suspended white sheet. If you don’t want the hassle of renting equipment, simply set up one or more TVs outside with plenty of speakers so guests don’t miss a pitch. To mimic stadium seating, arrange seating in tiers. Or if you want to make it more casual and extra comfortable, create seating areas with chaise lounges, floor pillows and blankets. Don’t forget to put out bug spray and sunscreen, too.

If you don’t already have some, pick up some inexpensive bats, mitts and a few baseballs and set them out so guests can play an impromptu game during the 7th Inning Stretch. Better yet, borrow some equipment from friends and neighbors or ask guests to bring their own.

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Create your own concession stand by continuing the baseball theme with your food spread. One great idea it to set up a buffet table and cover it with a strip of Astroturf, which you can find at your local home improvement store. Then, scatter some baseball cards around serving platters and table settings.

Another idea is to create your own mini pendants with construction paper in your team’s colors and use them as food labels. Come up with a fun way to keep track of beverages like with decorated koozies that your guests can take home with them. And we love this idea from Heart Tree Home – cut the corners off of large white dinner napkins to turn them into home plate napkins. So easy, yet so cool!

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Make sure your players and spectators are well fed!  A spread of gourmet meat and cheese from Hickory Farms with Our Signature Summer Sausage is sure to hit a homerun with guests. And for dessert, you can serve our Italian Ice Cream Truffles. You can even draw baseball stitches on them, or let kids decorate their own ice cream baseballs! Head over to the Hickory Farms online store to start preparing for your All-Star cookout.

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