Easter Traditions from Around the World

Hickory Farms is a holiday tradition that Americans have been enjoying for more than 60 years. And while we look forward to egg hunts, family brunches, and other Easter traditions, this spring, people all over the globe will be celebrating their own special traditions on Easter.

Flying Kites

Burmese tradition is to fly kites on Good Friday. The story goes that a British teacher was trying to teach the story of Jesus’ ascension to his Sunday school class. He used a cross-shaped kite soaring up into the sky to visually demonstrate the lesson.

Easter Traditions from Around the World

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This unusual sounding tradition comes from Poland, and, if you have sons, be careful of letting them learn about this one! On Easter Monday, boys try to splash water on as many people as they can, using anything from buckets to water guns. It’s believed that girls who get splashed will be married in the coming year. The splashing tradition is thought to stem from the baptism of a Polish prince on Easter Monday in 966 AD.

Easter Traditions from Around the World

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Breaking Pots

If you ever find yourself on the Greek island of Corfu on the Saturday before Easter, make sure to watch out for falling pots. The locals traditionally throw out pots and pans from their windows and let them break on the streets.  One theory of how this tradition originated is that by breaking all of their old pots, people are symbolizing their readiness to collect new crops in new pots in the coming spring.

Greek Easter Traditions

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Painting Eggs

Interestingly enough, egg painting pre-dated the advent of Christianity, and it actually has a rich history in Sorbian culture. Hand-painted Easter eggs in Sorbian tradition feature intricate designs and beautiful colors made with a variety of techniques and materials. The most popular color in Sorbian egg painting traditions is red, since it represents the resurrection.

Painting Easter Eggs

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If your Easter celebration includes a special family dinner or brunch at home, serving delicious, but easy to prepare dishes is a huge win to keep your stress-level low and your family fun high! Make this Easter special with a HoneyGold® Ham or gourmet sausage and cheese from Hickory Farms.

HoneyGold Ham from Hickory Farms

If you’ve got a great dish or tradition to share, we would love to hear about it!  You can also check out our Pinterest page for some of our favorite ideas.

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Gluten-Free Gourmet Food Gifts

The holidays can be hard when you have special dietary needs. While the season is full of fun times with family and friends, many holiday parties and traditions revolve around food, which can be very isolating for those who have dietary restrictions. Fortunately, it’s possible to create holiday memories that everyone will enjoy with our gluten-free gourmet food gifts!

Our holiday gift baskets with wine are a great gift for families, whether it’s the cousins who live across the country or neighbors across the street. If there is someone in the family who is gluten intolerant or suffers from celiac disease, they can still enjoy plenty of products in our holiday gift baskets!

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Many of our individual gourmet cheese baskets and sausage products are gluten free, from the creamy Cheddar & Havarti Blend to Ham Summer Sausage. When it comes to Christmas dinner, a spiral ham is a welcome surprise and a gluten-free gift!

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Get to Know Hickory Farms

hickory farms history

Hickory Farms in the beginning

Traditions and success have one thing in common: Even with humble origins, they can turn into something big. At Hickory Farms, we know this first hand because it’s our story!

Our founder, Richard Ransom, started it all when he began selling hand-cut cheese at county fairs in Ohio in 1951. Throughout the next decade, the operation expanded to include booths run by husband and wife teams, with another very important addition – our famous Summer Sausages.

The first Hickory Farms retail store opened outside of Toledo, Ohio, in 1959, and the next year saw another big step; the opening of the first franchise location in Chicago. These stores were the first of many and would become a familiar sight in malls and shopping centers across the country.

During the 1960s, we continued to expand our selection of gourmet food baskets, adding items like our Sweet Hot Mustard that would go on to be long-lived favorites. The following years brought even more food selections, from fruit baskets  and gourmet chocolate to spiral ham and gourmet gift baskets with nuts. To this day, we continue to expand our offerings with a new assortment of wine gift baskets, a perfect thank you for your host or hostess this holiday season.

Styles have changed quite a bit throughout the years (Just look at our groovy uniforms from the 1970s!), but the high quality of our gourmet sausages, cheeses and other specialty food products has remained the same. After more than half a century in business, we are committed to keeping our traditions alive, while also striving to improve.

Take, for instance, our 100 percent recyclable packaging that is environmentally friendly in every way, from our re-designed gift boxes to packing materials made from sustainably forested trees.

We’re also proud to make giving back a part of the Hickory Farms tradition, participating in programs such as Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign® to fight childhood hunger and Operation Gratitude’s military gifts for troops to say “Thanks” to our brave men and women in the armed forces.

Just like coming home for the holidays, people know what to expect from our gourmet food gifts – a delicious taste of tradition. To learn more about our history, visit Hickory Farms on Facebook!