Seasonal Recipe: No Bake Lemon Cashew Squares

Source: Healthful Pursuit

What happens when you combine the nutty, slightly salty deliciousness of cashews with a light and creamy tart lemon topping? The answer is the perfect springtime dessert. Take advantage of the yummy cashews in Hickory Farms Colossal Cashews Gift Tin to prepare one of our favorite recipes, delicious No Bake Lemon Cashew Squares.

Source: Healthful Pursuit

Start by preparing the base

Using a food processor, throw in a handful of your cashews, an equal amount of raw almonds and about 20 Medjool dates, making sure to remove the pits. Pulse the ingredients until you have a nice chop and everything is well mixed. To maintain a good texture, make sure you don’t pulse too much.

Source: Healthful Pursuit

After your mixture has reached the perfect consistency, add it to your baking dish and push down to spread the fruits and nuts evenly. Then, simply place the base in the freezer.

Source: Healthful Pursuit

Make the fluffy whipped topping

To add a burst of cashew flavor, you can incorporate more cashews into the topping. Start by soaking a couple cups of cashews in water for two hours. Then, rinse and drain the nuts. Place the soaked cashews in the food processor, along with lemon zest and lemon juice. To add a hint of the tropics, mix in a bit of coconut nectar and coconut oil. Finish with a vanilla bean flesh and process until smooth. Once you have a nice, fluffy consistency, stir in a can of coconut cream and process again until the mixture is super creamy.

Source: Healthful Pursuit

Now that you have your silky topping prepared, simply pour it over the base and place the whole thing in the refrigerator. Let your bars cool overnight, allowing them to solidify a bit. When you’re ready to serve, just cut your bars into squares and top with a little sprinkle of chopped cashews.


Whether you’re looking for an easy make-ahead dessert for entertaining or a simple weeknight treat for the family, these delicious bars are the perfect choice. With our Colossal Cashews Gift Tin and a delicious recipe, we’ll always have your next dessert covered.


Seasonal Recipe – Sausage Risotto with Spring Greens

Source: My Kitchen Table

Early spring is the time of year when fresh greens become abundant. Take advantage of this delicious and nutrient-packed bounty to whip up a spring-inspired recipe. Combining fresh greens with creamy rice and smoky sausage, your family is sure to love a flavor-packed Sausage Risotto with Spring Greens.

Preparing your greens

One of the best perks of this recipe is its flexibility. No matter what type of green you have on hand — dandelion greens, mustard greens, Swiss chard, or collards — it’s sure to taste great.

With whichever greens you choose, start by removing any tough stems and chopping the leaves into one-inch pieces. Then, quickly blanch your greens in a pot of boiling water with just a little salt.


Putting it all together

In a large saucepan, melt some butter to sauté a small yellow onion and a clove of garlic. Afterwards, cook the veggies until they’re translucent.

Now, it’s time to add your sausage. Using our Hickory Farms Ham Summer Sausage, remove the outer casing and chop the sausage into medium-sized pieces. Toss the sausage into the pan with the onions until all of the ingredients have a nice golden brown color.

Source: via Pinterest

Next, it’s time to add your rice. For the creamiest texture, choose white arborio rice. Allow the rice to toast for a few minutes before adding a cup of dry white wine. Let the mixture simmer until the wine is almost absorbed, then throw in a cup of broth. After about 10 minutes, toss your greens into the pot. Continue to cook the rice until it’s nice and creamy, then finish with a big handful of nutty Parmesan cheese, a slab of butter and a good sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Enjoy a wholesome meal that includes delicious, seasonal greens with this simple risotto recipe. By combining the freshest possible ingredients with your Hickory Farms sausage, you can take your seasonal dishes to the next level.


Spice Up Your Meals with Tangy Mustard Sauce

Hickory Farms has found a few recipes to add a spicy little kick to your dishes this winter by using mustard as an ingredient. Try some of these to give your taste buds a real treat!

Source: The Kitchn

Rigatoni with Shredded Pork in Mustard Cream Sauce puts a delightfully different twist on a very simple pasta recipe. It’s a great way to finish up the end of a pork roast, or you can simply substitute crumbled sweet Italian sausage. Both meats blend deliciously with the tang of the mustard to create a tasty sensation you’ll love. Along with these ingredients, combine heavy cream, olive oil, chicken broth, sliced onion, fresh thyme or basil with mustard and salt and pepper. Serve hot from the stove to the table!

Source: Saveur

You can make this Vegetable Ragout in Mustard Buerre Blanc either as a hearty side dish or as a stand-alone main course. The ingredients call for asparagus, potatoes and cauliflower, but you could add or substitute broccoli according to taste. Roast some strips of bell pepper, add some chopped onions and mushrooms to a little white wine, mustard and a few other herbs and spices, and you’ve got a savory dish perfect for a cold winter night.

Source: Kraft Recipes

Kielbasa with Honey Mustard is a quick dinner fix that can be ready in as few as 15 minutes, making it a perfect dinner choice for on-the-go families. All you need is kielbasa, brown sugar, honey mustard and ginger ale. If you don’t have kielbasa, substitute some of Hickory Farms’ award-winning summer sausage from our Deluxe Smokehouse Collection Gift Box, which is chock-full of tasty treats — four varieties of sausage and cheeses, Cranberry Mustard, Honey & Pineapple Mustard, two jars of our Sweet Hot Mustard and more!


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