Celebrate a Sweeter Thanksgiving with Holiday Desserts

No holiday dinner is complete until you’ve had dessert. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or prefer a bit of spice and fruit, one of these Thanksgiving treats is sure to be the perfect dish to cap off your holiday feast. Take advantage of our delicious collection of Hickory Farms desserts to add something extra special to your treats.

Peanut brittle from Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms Peanut Brittle

Apples are one of nature’s finest fall fruits. Celebrate the harvest with a Caramel Apple Cake. Start by baking an apple spice cake with applesauce, cloves, ground ginger and allspice. Then, make the topping by melting caramel candies with a bit of water. For a traditional take on the recipe, finish the cake with chopped walnuts or, for something a little bit more festive, substitute the walnuts with a dusting of our Famously Thin Peanut Brittles, roughly chopped in a food processor.

Holiday sweets from Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms Farmstead Fruit Spreads

Blueberry Pound Cake is a fantastically flexible dish that can be either a sweet ending to your meal or a festive Thanksgiving breakfast. To prepare the cake, blend dry cake ingredients with vanilla, eggs, butter and, of course, blueberries. Take the finished cake to the next level by drizzling it with a fruit glaze. Simply combine one of our Farmstead Fruit Spreads, such as Wild Blueberry, Strawberry or Red Raspberry, in a small saucepan with water until everything’s well combined.

Holiday desserts from Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms Peppermint Snow Mints

For an easy-to-prepare treat, try a delicious combination of chocolate, mint and buttery crackers. In a double broiler, melt a handful of dark-cocoa-mint wafers and dip each cracker until fully coated. Top the crackers with our crushed Peppermint Snow Mints.

Holiday sweets from Hickory Farms

Peppermint Snow Cookies

Give your guests holiday dessert options with a cookie platter. For a twist on a holiday classic prepare a batch of chewy chocolate Gingerbread cookies with molasses, ground ginger, and chocolate chips. Arrange your homemade cookies on a platter along with our delicious Lemon Shortbread Cookies.

With a few simple recipes and some festive holiday sweets from Hickory Farms’ Sweet Indulgences line, you can cap off your Thanksgiving feast with a dessert that your guests are sure to love!


Fantastic Ideas for Labor Day Weekend Fun

It’s hard to believe we will soon be wrapping up another summer. Fortunately, Labor Day gives us a three-day weekend to celebrate the warm weather season with family and friends one more time. Below are some fun ways to enjoy summer’s last hurrah.


hickory farms

Source: Photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  • Catch a summer sporting event. Whether for a major or minor league team or a local tournament, get together and root for the home team.
  • Take a road trip. No matter where you live, there are many points of interest worth checking out within a day’s drive.
  • Have a rockin’ Labor Day at an outdoor music festival. Many artists and groups will still be on their summer tours around the US.
  • Host a Labor Day picnic or family reunion and gather the generations together for some good times. Organize an impromptu talent show where each family member gets to display his or her unique gifts. Preserve the memories by having a budding Spielberg capture the action on camera.
  • Go camping at a state park near you. Don’t want to go too far from home? The kids will love the idea of a backyard family campout.
  • Sendoff summer with an exciting day of roller coasters or water slides at a theme park.
  • Spend the day doing nothing! Sleep in, catch some rays, or rent movies for an at-home film fest. A little R&R can really recharge your batteries.

Whatever you do this Labor Day, we at Hickory Farms wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday. Order some wines and cheeses or some of our Signature Summer Sausage to make your weekend memorable.

Also, don’t forget how Labor Day came about. Originally begun by the Labor movement in the 19th century, Labor Day was officially designated as a federal holiday in 1894 as a day to honor the American worker and his contributions to our great country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show employees and staff members your appreciation with a gift basket from Hickory Farms.



Fantastic Ideas for 4th of July Entertaining

July 4th will be here before you know it! Have you started planning your party yet? While serving great All-American food is a fundamental part of an Independence Day celebration, it’s just the beginning. Here are some entertaining ideas to make sure your family and friends have a fun and memorable 4th of July.

For your 4th of July party decor, try picking a theme that incorporates red, white and blue. If you’re going to be on a lake or by the beach, a nautical theme would be a nice way to celebrate our great naval history. Incorporate rope accents such as rope placemats into your decor. If you like the idea of a retro feel, consider vintage Americana decor. You can always keep it simple with red, white and blue DIY decorations that you can download and print at home like those found on The Sweetest Occasion blog.

hickory farms entertaining

Source: Bella Paris Designs

Tori Spelling‘s blog also has great ideas for 4th of July tablescapes and party invitations. We especially like her ideas for casual yet festive ways to serve utensils and finger foods in cones, baskets and buckets.

fourth of july entertaining ideas

Source: ediTORIal

To get all of your family and friends involved in the 4th of July fun, plan some group activities. We like the idea of putting an all-American twist on your favorite party games. Turn a trivia game into an American history contest. You do know what war The Star Spangled Banner was written about, right? Reader’s Digest had a couple of great ideas – have a patriotic costume contest or Uncle Sam hat competition.

When it comes to music, famed fashion designer Michael Kors recommends keeping it eclectic. Try creating a playlist of American artists like Beach Boys and Billie Holliday to create a fun atmosphere.


The most important part of hosting family and friends for 4th of July is making sure they not only have a great time, but are well, fed too! A spread of Hickory Farms Signature Sausage and Cheese can make 4th of July entertaining easy and delicious!