Best Ham and Wine Pairings

The upcoming holidays are the perfect time to experiment with ham and wine pairings as you host celebrations for family and friends. We like making and trying interesting recommendations for wine pairings with honey-glazed ham. A traditional holiday staple, the sweetness of a glazed, honey-cured ham is best balanced by a lighter, dryer wine like some of these suggestions below.

Riesling – A popular dry white wine, Riesling’s roots lie in Germany’s Rhine region. The wine has fruity notes with subtle peachy undertones and a sharp acidity that plays up the richness of the ham on the palate. Cured and salted ham doesn’t overwhelm the light, tropical taste of the wine.

Gewurtzraminer – With origins in Tramin, Italy, the sweet spiciness of this white wine is now produced in many European regions, including France, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic. This wine is also produced in New Zealand and Australia. Undertones of autumn flavors like pumpkin spice and cinnamon mingle particularly well with a hearty holiday ham.

Chardonnay – A ham glazed with either Hickory Farms Sweet Hot Mustard or a tart and tangy Honey & Pineapple Mustard will melt in your mouth when accompanied by the buttery oak flavor of a mild Chardonnay, which is a popular choice at any gathering.

Pinot Noir – This red wine is light enough to gently fuse with the savory flavor of a well-cured ham. This wine intermingles with the smokiness without overwhelming the taste. A medium-bodied Pinot can also hold its own against robust side dishes like scalloped or mashed potatoes.

Our own Hickory Farms HoneyGold®Spiral Sliced HoneyGold Honey-Glazed Ham is not only a gold medal winner but is also fully cooked, spiral-sliced and ready to serve. It has just the right amount of sweetness thanks to being cured with real honey, but it also comes with its own perfectly spiced-glaze packet that can be easily added before heating. This holiday classic can be the main course for family celebrations, as well as a valued gift to loved ones or business associates.

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Add Flair to Favorite Recipes with Hickory Farm’s Sweet Hot Mustard

universally popular condiment, mustard crosses all cuisine lines. From standard-issue yellow to more special varieties that blend with exotic ingredients to create unique, sweet and savory flavors, mustard can take countless dishes from bland to altogether mouthwatering.

If you ever feel stuck when it comes to jazzing up a dish, just remember what Anna Bates of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel says: “With 700 million pounds consumed worldwide annually, you can bet there are more ways to enjoy mustard than simply slathered on a brat.”

While everyone loves our Sweet Hot Mustard with Hickory Farm’s signature beef or turkey summer sausage and our delicious cheeses, this zesty condiment can be used to form a savory base for sauces and marinades to add a twist to a traditional dish or flair to a favorite recipe. As Patti Levenson of the National Mustard Museum says, “Mustard is a great emulsifier. . . It helps create thicker sauces and keeps vinaigrettes together.”

Instead of using butter and hot sauce, use Hickory Farm’s Sweet Hot Mustard to make a healthier version of Buffalo wings. For another tastier and healthier chicken dish, try these Chicken Kabobs with Sweet Hot Mustard. The mustard infuses the meat with its aromatic flavor so you can reduce the amount of salt. This recipe for Fried Green Beans with Sweet Hot Mustard also sounds fantastic and would make a great appetizer or side dish for family dinners.

You can also try folding our Sweet Hot Mustard into turkey- and salmon-burgers. It adds flavor without fat while also moistening the consistency. Or, try this Crispy Baked Salmon with Sweet Hot Mustard for special occasion dish.

hickory farms sweet hot mustard

Source: The Weekend Gourmande

The savviest cooks know to keep a ready supply of the staple ingredients like mustard, to turn out gourmet dishes on demand. Stock your pantry with a 3-pack of Hickory Farms Sweet Hot Mustard, one of our best-selling items, to infuse family dinners or holiday gatherings with extra flavor.

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