Fun Superhero Recipes for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Sept. 25 is National Comic Book Day, which makes it the perfect time to throw a superhero-themed party for your kid’s birthday. Hickory Farms is here to save the day with our collection of superhero-inspired recipes. With these dishes, your child’s birthday party will be a smashing success.

gourmet fruit basket

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Wake your little superhero up to a great birthday breakfast with these Captain America Super Power Pancakes. Slice up some fresh strawberries and place them on top of a couple pancakes hot off the griddle. Then, fill the middle with halved blueberries. Spray a circle of whipped cream around the strawberries and add a whipped cream star against the backdrop of blueberries.

gourmet fruit basket

Source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Spiderman Strawberry Shortcakes are delicious and so easy to make! Individual shortcakes should be sprayed with whipped topping before sliced strawberries are added in the shape of this season’s favorite superhero’s face. Use mini chocolate chips to outline the eyes, and then fill in the outlines with more whipped topping.

farmhouse cheddar cheese

Guests will love these Batman Burgers topped with our Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese. Mold the burgers to resemble a face, and then after they’re cooked, trim the top in the shape of Batman ears. Use pieces of the cheese as eyes and create the face by cutting a little slit in the cheese for Batman’s mouth. You can also cut the cheese into the Batman logo and design his cape with barbecue sauce.

gourmet fruit basket

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Superhero Skewers are a big hit with younger kids. Not only is this treat super tasty, but it’s also an easy way to incorporate superhero stickers. Juicy fruits will keep kids healthy, while giving the party a festive touch. Hickory Farms Bountiful Tastings gourmet food basket is stocked full of delectable fresh pears, kiwis, oranges and apples, perfect for this nutritionally balanced treat.

At Hickory Farms, we know how to pump up the volume for birthdays of all ages. All of our gourmet delights can be shipped right to a recipient’s door just in time for the party. Call 800.753.8558, or order online 24 hours a day.

Quick Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

Between getting dressed, dropping the kids off at school and making it to work on time, some days, the best kind of breakfast is one that’s quick and easy to prepare. You can enjoy a meal in moments without sacrificing flavor or nutrients with these simple recipes featuring our gourmet ingredients from Hickory Farms.

honeygold ham

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Ham and Eggs

Flavoring scrambled eggs with ham and cheese is a time-honored tradition that’s packed with protein. Start by browning small pieces of our delicious Honeygold Ham in a skillet. Once you have a nice color on the ham, add some eggs whisked with a little milk, salt and pepper before cooking until nice and fluffy. Just before removing the eggs from the heat, top it off with a bit of our Smoked Gouda and a sprinkle of chives.

gourmet mixed nuts

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Eggs and Berries

If you can’t decide whether you want something sweet or savory, try pairing a berry parfait with an egg in a hole. First, cut a three-inch hole out of a piece of bread using the top of a cup. Then, place the bread in a hot pan with a good amount of butter before breaking an egg into the hole and cooking to your preference. Finally, serve the dish with vanilla yogurt topped with fresh berries and a handful of our mixed nuts.

gourmet fruit basket

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Apple Rings

Apple rings are a delicious substitute for pancakes. Start by cutting an assortment of our apples (Granny Smith and Fuji are the best options!) into lengthwise slices. Then, dip the slices in buttermilk before coating with a mixture of flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Lastly, pan fry until golden brown and serve with maple syrup.

gourmet fruits and nuts

With these delicious recipes featuring our gourmet cheese, fruits and nuts, you can enjoy a decadent homemade breakfast even in the midst of your morning rush.

Start Your Mornings Off with a Creamy Fruit Crepe

There’s something so decadently European about indulging in a crepe filled with ripe and succulent seasonal fruits. Reminiscent of lingering late breakfasts at open-air cafes, the mouthwatering flavor and light, airy texture of a crepe can be easily duplicated right in your own kitchen. Hickory Farms is sharing some of our favorite crepe recipes below with our valued customers.

gourmet fruit basket

Source: The Supper Club Project

Creamy Strawberry Crepes

Sun-kissed strawberries are the star of this perennial brunch favorite. The secret to creating the perfect crepe is making the egg batter uniformly thin on a well-oiled griddle set to medium heat. Lightly brown one side, then flip, and set aside while you blend the cream cheese with the powdered sugar. The sliced strawberries should be added inside with a creamy filling. Make sure you reserve a dollop of cream cheese filling and a few berries to top the rolled crepes. Then, dust lightly with powdered sugar.

gourmet fruit basket

Source: My Gluten Free Foods

Peaches ‘n Cream Crepes 

Make the most of summer’s bounty with our Summer Fruit Collection, which includes sweet and juicy peaches, plums and nectarines. This healthy recipe features egg substitutes, so people watching their cholesterol can still indulge in this rich treat. All of the fruits in our collection blend nicely together in a delicious medley, so you can use a combination for an explosion of sweet summer goodness.

gourmet fruit basket

Source: Delicious Recipes Bistro

Apple Crepes

Bountiful fall harvests have provided a bumper crop of apples to fill our Very Special Variety Fruit Gift Box. Choose from either our Granny Smith or Fuji apples as a filling for these sweet treats that can double as an autumn dessert. Add a couple spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt and sprinkle with cinnamon for a tasty finish.

gourmet fruit basket

Hickory Farms celebrates the natural goodness of fruits year round with a variety of delights, like our Bountiful Tastings gift basket. It makes for the perfect token of appreciation on birthdays, anniversaries and holiday celebrations. Call us today at 800.753.8558 to place your order for delivery.