Quick & Nutritious Breakfast Ideas


We all have those harried mornings when everyone is rushing out the door with no time for a sit-down family breakfast. However, that doesn’t mean nutrition has to be left on the back burner. Hickory Farms makes six different flavors of Farmstand Fruit Spreads — Red Raspberry, Cherry, Wild Blueberry, Blackberry, Apricot and Strawberry. You can quickly spread these delicious flavors on some toast, biscuits or a bagel for your busy family members to enjoy as they head out for the day.

Check out some other quick and easy breakfast ideas below for mornings when time is short.

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Keep it Light

You can’t go wrong with fruit and cheese. Apple slices go particularly well with sharp cheddar. Toss in some walnuts for protein and you’ll have a well-balanced meal. Hickory Farms stocks a full selection of fruits, cheeses and nuts in gourmet gift boxes at varying prices.

Make your own granola using our Dried Fruit Collection, with its assortment of white and yellow peaches, plums, mangoes, almonds and other fruits. Fill a small container or baggie to snack on when your energy flags during the afternoon slump.

You can also make nutritious breakfast smoothies with any combination of fruit, fat-free plain yogurt, a dash of skim or soy milk, honey and ice. Just puree in a blender for a delicious option when time is at a premium, but you need a healthy start to your morning.

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Quick & Hearty

Huevos Rancheros, made with slices of hard-boiled egg, cheese and Hickory Farms Spiral Sliced HoneyGold Ham tucked into a tortilla, is a hearty, tasty beginning on a cold winter morning. It’s a perfect choice when eating on the run.

No matter the season, Hickory Farms is fully stocked year round with gourmet delights and gift baskets designed for every gift-giving occasion, along with staples to keep your own pantry full.

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Back to School: Packed Lunches that are Far From Boring

The end of summer brings the start of another school year. Parents can keep kids excited about school instead of sad about the end of summer by making their bagged lunches anything but boring. While packed school lunches need to be healthy and satisfying, a little creativity can ensure kids will not only eat them but that they will actually look forward to them every day! Here are some of our favorite tips and ideas for healthy, kid-friendly lunches that will never get traded.
Think outside the bread. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional PB&J, but sandwiches every single day can quickly become boring. Mix it up a bit with some healthy alternatives like veggie-loaded pita pizzas and thermoses full of hearty, homemade soups once the weather turns cooler. If your child enjoys a sandwich but you want to keep it interesting, use cookie cutters to press out fun shapes. You can also do this with fruits and cheeses.

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Remember that kids love dips, so pack a small container of ranch dressing for the veggies or a yummy sauce for the chicken cubes and slices of summer sausage. Apple slices taste even better dipped in caramel. You can also make a lunch kabob out of sandwich fixings like pickle chips, cherry tomatoes, meats and cheeses.

Get their input. Build lunches around your child’s favorite foods, as long as you can still achieve a healthy balance. Give them the opportunity to help you pack their lunch so they can choose tasty foods they’ll look forward to eating. Surprise them with an occasional treat like a couple of homemade chocolate chip cookies tucked behind celery sticks and carrots. You can even include a little note with something that will make them giggle or with a few words of encouragement if it’s test day. Just make sure it’s not too embarrassing, of course.

Just like you, Hickory Farms is committed to providing families with healthy and delicious foods for the table and the lunchbox. Order from our selection of meats, cheese, fruits and nuts online year-round. And for those really hectic mornings, you can always pack your kids a Hickory Farms GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meal. Kids love them, and parents love knowing they are getting a well-balanced meal.