Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day

father's day gift ideas

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With every Father’s Day that passes, we have to get more and more creative to come up with something that will really put a smile on his face. And there’s nothing more thoughtful than planning to spend the day having fun together. As Ask Men magazine put it, “… a great gift, a present and a card cannot substitute for quality time with dad.”


Take a stroll down memory lane…

Find unique ways to learn more about your dad’s life before you were around. Find out what his favorite old movie or show is and plan to watch it together.


Cook up new memories…

Put on your chef hats or grab your grill tongs and plan to cook up a meal or grill out together.


Make (or enjoy) music…

If you play instruments, suggest a jam session. Or, see if you can buy tickets to a live performance of his favorite band or type of music.


Take him out to the ball game…

If your dad is a sports fan, he won’t say no to an afternoon at the stadium or arena watching his favorite sports team. If it’s off season or his favorite team is playing an away game, plan to watch the game at home. Or, get out and play! Hit the batting cages or the bowling alley together, or plan to play a round of (mini) golf.


Help him cross something off of his bucket list…

Take dad somewhere he has never been to but always wanted to go, like New Orleans or the Grand Canyon. Another thoughtful idea is to plan an activity he’s always wanted to try but hasn’t had the opportunity to yet. Maybe he’s always wanted to learn photography or take a sailing or flying lesson. Doing something where you can learn together will be rewarding for both of you!

No matter what you plan to do with your dad on Father’s Day, you definitely have to make sure he’s well fed! Hickory Farms gourmet sausage and cheese can help keep Dad happy (and full) all day long. And for a great Father’s day gift, you can give or send him the Precision Tool Bag, which comes with our Signature Beef Summer Sausage, two cheddar blends, and gourmet crackers.


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New Spring Gifts from Hickory Farms

The spring season is always an exciting time of year. As nature is bursting with color, we are bursting with energy to get outdoors and enjoy beautiful weather and our favorite spring season traditions. So to celebrate this vibrant time of year, Hickory Farms is offering new spring gifts to make the season even sweeter. It’s just our way of making this season burst with color, energy, and now flavor, too!

Each spring gift from Hickory Farms comes in a beautiful basket that was thoughtfully designed with bright spring colors and flavors that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Made with only the freshest of ingredients, our spring gifts feature refreshing fruits, delicious snacks, and delectable treats that can take any spring activity from plain to perfectly delightful.

With The Spring Treats basket you can enjoy D’Anjou Pears, a Fuji Apple, a Navel Orange, Mixed Nuts, 2 Farmhouse Cheddar wedges, and Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers. You also get our famous Pastel Chocolate Dutch Mints and a Large Spring Flower Decorated Sugar Cookie for a nice sweet treat. 

The Spring Treats Basket from Hickory Farms

The Hickory Spring Reserve features a lot of the same delicious gourmet snacks and sweets including the Pastel Chocolate Dutch Mints and our cute, flower-shaped Sugar Cookie, but this beautiful basket also includes Kiwi Fruit, Roasted & Salted Pistachios and a bottle of Mirassou Chardonnay.

The Hickory Spring Reserve Basket from Hickory Farms

Our Bountiful Spring Tastings come in a beautiful basket filled to the brim with signature Hickory Farms gourmet goodies including Roasted & Salted Pistachios, Chocolate Covered Dried Strawberries, Lemon Crème Almonds, Mini Dried Fruit Tray, and a Large Spring Flower Decorated Sugar Cookie.

Our Bountiful Spring Tastings Basket from Hickory Farms

Our new spring gifts are perfect for welcoming a new neighbor or as a special way to wish someone a happy birthday. They make for wonderful graduation gifts and thank you gifts, too!

Who are you planning to surprise with spring colors and flavors this season?  Tell us in a comment below.

Share Our Strength’s 2013 Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

Hickory Farms is proud to support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. Share Our Strength is the leading nonprofit organization working to end childhood hunger in America. The organization offers a variety of ways for individuals to get involved and play a part in the fight to end childhood hunger. And one of these opportunities is right around the corner – the 2013 Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry!

Share Our Strength Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary,  Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry has rallied more than 1.4 million participants and raised over $9.6 million since 2003 to support the No Kid Hungry campaign’s work to surround children with the healthy food they need, every day.  This is accomplished by connecting kids to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals and, through its Cooking Matter program, teaching families how to shop for and prepare delicious, healthy, low-cost meals at home. New and returning Bake Sale participants will have yet another opportunity to contribute to the cause with the 2013 Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry, which kicks off on March 21st!

People interested in participating can either host a bake sale or join a bake sale if they know someone who’s already taking part in the fundraiser. Once you’ve decided how you’ll participate, be sure to check out the Bake Sale Resource Center. It is stocked with tons of great information like flyers and signs, social media tools, recipes, and more – everything you’ll need to hold a successful bake sale.

Special Cookies for the 10th Anniversary of Share Our Strength's Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

Photo via Share Our Strength

Not sure if you are up to the challenge? Find support and get inspired by reading the success stories of corporate groups, communities, and individuals who have hosted successful bake sales to help fight childhood hunger.

Share Our Strength Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

Photo via Share Our Strength

Visit our website to learn more about Hickory Farms’ involvement with Share Our Strength. And if you’re interested in joining the fight to end childhood hunger, be sure to visit the Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry website for more details on participating in the 2013 Bake Sale.