Easy-to-Make Snacks for Holiday Carolers


Holiday carolers from Hickory Farms

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Caroling is a special holiday tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether you prefer to sing holiday classics or contemporary favorites or contemporary favorites as a holiday caroler, caroling is a great excuse to enjoy your neighborhood’s beautiful decorations, while spending time with your family and friends. Make sure to keep your strength up this season by bringing along a couple of these festive, easy-to-make snacks featuring Hickory Farms gourmet fruits and nuts.

For a fun contrast in flavors and textures for your holiday snacks, put together a simple, yet delicious popcorn snack mix. Start by popping a bag of microwave popcorn. Then, mix it into a salted caramel sauce. Spread the mixture onto a baking sheet and cook for five minutes. Finish the caramel popcorn by adding chocolate-covered peanuts from our Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler.

Quick and easy snacks from Hickory Farms

Make a quick and easy snack for a crunchy dessert in just minutes with chocolate-covered graham crackers. Simply melt wafers in a  double broiler, and then toss in the crackers to coat. Before the chocolate hardens, quickly sprinkle the cracker with roughly chopped nuts from the Our Finest Mixed Nuts Gift Tin.

Holiday snacks from Hickory Farms

If you love baking and simple snack ideas, delight your lucky carolers with a nutty play on a traditional macaroon. Make your macaroon batter as normal, but add a little something extra special with ground pistachios from our Grand Nut Party Assortment Gift Tin. Place the batter in a piping bag, form the cookies and bake. After they’ve cooled, sandwich the macaroons with chocolate ganache and another sprinkle of pistachio.


Easy-to-make snacks from Hickory Farms

For a treat that’s even simpler to prepare, pack a gourmet fruits and nuts snack. Starting with our Dried Fruit Collection, place a selection of white peaches, mangoes, apricots, and almonds on a baking sheet. Heat the fruits and nuts in an oven for five minutes, and enjoy while still warm from the oven.

With these easy-to-make snacks featuring our Hickory Farms’ Fruits & Nuts line, you can make sure your holiday carolers enjoy a special evening that will create lasting memories for years to come.

Entertaining Essentials for Sweat-Free Summer Gatherings

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Sometimes the best summer gatherings are the spontaneous ones. And even when it’s a scorcher outside, you can keep your cool during an impromptu hosting opportunity as long as you keep a supply of entertaining essentials. Here is a list we compiled of all the items you need to enjoy spontaneous and sweat-free entertaining this summer.

Unbreakable glassware: This one is a must if you plan to do most of your summer entertaining outdoors! Nothing can break up a good time like broken glass. Invest in some acrylic glassware.

A collection of containers: We love Interior Collective’s advice: “Keep a cache of containers on hand.” Simple and chic containers like mason jars and hurricane vases can hold everything from fruits and flowers to candles and even silverware to make serving and decorating easy.

Beverage butlers: Whether you’re entertaining alfresco or you’re escaping the summer sun indoors, make sure you have a handy tray, tub or beverage cart to chill and serve several drinks at a time.

Splashes of color: This may sound a bit broad, but the idea here is to remind you that pops of summery color can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a fun set of place mats and cloth napkins or flowers freshly cut from your own yard, a splash of seasonal color can set the perfect tone for a summer get-together.

Ambiance lighting: Stock up on tea lights, candles and some string lights or lanterns. Nothing sets a summer scene better than some flickering candles or twinkling lights.

Cheese, fruit and nuts: As Sandy reminds us in her guide, 30 Days of Summer Entertaining, you will always be prepared for an impromptu get-together when you keep your fridge and pantry stocked with cheese, fruit and nuts. They make for the perfect instant appetizer!


While we are famous for our gourmet cheese, fresh fruit and nuts here at Hickory Farms, our Italian Ice Cream Truffles are a summertime favorite, as well! So leave the dessert to us this summer, and serve up our special ice cream treats that come in 12 summer-inspired flavors from Apricot with White Chocolate Chips to Coconut with Almonds. To see the other flavors and to order your truffles today, visit our online store.

Ideas to Spice Up Memorial Day Cookouts

We’re all about traditions here at Hickory Farms. After all, we’ve been an American tradition for over half a century!  But we also love taking traditions and adding fresh flairs to personalize them and make them even more special. So when honoring troops with family and friends this Memorial Day, why not skip the same-old routine, and try to spice it up?

A Memorial Day cookout doesn’t have to be the same every year, instead of the regular routes, try one of these creative alternatives.

Instead of only relying on flags and red, white and blue décor…
Incorporate foods and dishes in your Memorial Day menu that show your patriotism. You can also honor a soldier currently overseas by serving up his or her favorite foods. 

Photo via Moonlightrainbow.tumblr.com

Instead of sticking to only hamburgers and hotdogs…
Try throwing unique foods on the grill like salad and fruit. This grilled apple salad from Southern Living looks delicious. And in case you missed it, we recently wrote a post on yummy grilled fruit desserts – be sure to check it out!

Grilled Apple Salad

Photo via Southern Living

Instead of an ordinary cooler…
Try serving drinks in an unexpected way. We love this creative DIY watermelon cocktail keg idea!

Watermelon Cocktail Keg

Photo via SheKnows

Instead of your typical food spread…
Create a build-your-own station! It could be a build-your-own drink or build-your-own dessert bar. We love the idea we came across on Design Indulgences for creating a build-your-own fruit pizza bar! It’s a wonderful way to make food more fun for friends, family, and guests.

Build Your Own Fruit Pizza Bar

Photo via Design Indulgences

How do you plan to spice up your Memorial Day cookout? Share your favorite tips, tricks, and ideas in a comment or on our Facebook page.