Easy Tips and Tricks for Perfect Grilling

A delicious, smoky flavor, and a nice char, makes everything taste a little better — especially when cooked on a grill. Whether you’re an experienced grill master or are picking up tongs for the first time, these grilling tips can help elevate the flavors of your summer menu.

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Get the perfect sear

A nice sear is the key to perfectly grilled meat. Steaks should have a good char on the outside with some pink on the inside. You can achieve this by patting off any marinade so that the steak is nice and dry. Then, simply leave your steak alone until it’s time to flip. The longer you leave the steak untouched, the more the char will develop.

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Add some flavor

A simple glaze can impart tons of flavors into a variety of meats. For a super easy glaze, try melting one of our Farmstand Fruit Spreads onto the grill or brushing on our Cranberry Mustard.

smoked gouda

Make your burgers nice and juicy

A great burger starts with even cooking. Because burgers tend to puff up in the middle as they cook, this can be a bit difficult. By creating a small indentation in the middle of your burger before placing on the grill, the meat will stay in better contact with the grill. Finish with some yummy condiments like our Smoked Gouda and Sweet Hot Mustard.

grilled veggies

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Get your veggies

Grilling isn’t only great for meats; it can also make for some amazing veggies. Coat your veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper before applying directly to the grill. Add greater complexity to your sides by chopping grilled veggies and mixing them with pieces of our Farmhouse Cheddar, some pasta and a balsamic vinegar dressing.

With these simple grilling tips, along with our Hickory Farms cheeses and gourmet mustards, you can prepare a grilled feast your guests will love.

An Alfresco Affair – Outdoor Party Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to throw an alfresco affair! This summer, let loose and have fun enjoying old friends’ company and the pleasure of making new acquaintances. Hickory Farms has found a few great ideas you can use to make your next get-together the soirée of the summer.

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  • You can enhance your outdoor ambiance with colored paper lanterns, or strands of lights, strung through backyard trees or bushes. And to adjust the grooves for every mood, we followed the lead of Los Angeles-based party planner and photographer Amy Neunsinger. She uses the music service Sonos to play different tunes in separate party areas, all controlled by a click of her Smartphone.

gourmet ham

  • Hickory Farms Spiral Sliced HoneyGold Ham pairs beautifully on a platter alongside some lightly grilled fruit. The tropical delights of mango and kiwi in our Very Special Variety Fruit Gift Box make a fresh and light dessert. Just add a sprig of rosemary for some additional flair!
gourmet gift baskets

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  • Keep all your treats together on an attractive appetizer tray, so your decor looks organized and put-together. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room on this tray for our Hickory Farms Mustard Variety Pack and a wide selection of cheeses.
gourmet gift baskets

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  • Let guests build their own wraps with different kinds of tortillas, shredded lettuce or spinach, Greek yogurt, shredded cheese, cucumbers and olives. For meat lovers, shred some grilled chicken and add it to the veggie mix. Then, top it with a little olive oil, if you desire.

gourmet wine gift baskets

Hickory Farms also has a great selection of wine gifts that are perfect to serve at any summer gathering with friends. They also make wonderful hostess gifts for the thoughtful guest to have on hand for spur-of-the-moment invitations that come so frequently when the weather warms up. 

Ordering from Hickory Farms couldn’t be any easier. Just a few clicks of your mouse will have your order shipped right to your door. Or, you can place your order by phone at 800.752.8558.

The History of Mustard

Did you know that there is a National Mustard Day? It’s celebrated on the first of every August at the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI. Yes, there is a museum solely dedicated to mustard! But this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as mustard is one of the most universally loved condiments in the U.S. And while few of us can imagine some of our favorite American foods without it, the history of mustard begins elsewhere.

The world’s love affair with mustard first began in ancient Rome. In its earliest form, mustard was made by combining unfermented grape juice known as “must” with ground seeds of the sinapis (mustard) plant. The concoction was known as “must ardens” in Latin, which became “moutarde” in French and then eventually “mustard” in English.

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Source: The Nibble

As the Roman Empire expanded, methods for making mustard began to spread throughout Europe. As country after country fell in love with this delightful food dressing, several regional varieties based on local flavors and cuisines began popping up. One of the most famous, Dijon, which was developed in France, dates back to the 13th century.

A true testament to the popularity mustard continued to gain during the Elizabethan Era is a memorable line from Taming of the Shrew: “What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?” In Henry IV, Part II Falstaff also says, “His wit’s as thick as Tewkewbury Mustard.” And remember Mustardseed from A Midsummer Night’s Dreams? As you can see, Shakespeare loved mustard, and he managed to incorporate it into several of his plays!

Europe is not the only continent where mustard gained momentum as a favorite pairing. Thanks to Marco Polo, India, China and several other countries in Asia developed a fondness for this spicy condiment. While it was created in a similar manner to European varieties, Asian mustards gained a reputation for being significantly stronger as they are traditionally made from the seeds of the brown mustard plant.

Fast forwarding to today, mustard has become a pantry essential. Who doesn’t love a delicious mustard with their summer sausage and cheese? And speaking of which, is your pantry stocked? If not, head over to the Hickory Farms and order your Sweet Hot Mustard 3 Pack today.

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