Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

At Hickory Farms, we know that you spend lot of your life in the kitchen. From cooking and dining to entertaining and (sometimes) enjoying that elusive cup of tea, a majority of the day is spent here. If you’re going to spend so much time in a single space, it should be one that works for you not against you.

Every kitchen has at least one space dedicated to “junk.” If you’re particularly organized, maybe you’ve managed to limit it to just a single drawer. For most of us, though, it starts out small and slowly begins to take over. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, hide it, or push it from your thoughts, it’s impossible to avoid forever. But there’s no need to stress. Achieving an organized kitchen is easier than you might think.

First, assess your situation. Everyone uses their kitchen differently. If you’re a master chef then you likely have multiple gadgets and gizmos most of us have never even heard of. You’re storage needs will be much different from the person who cooks occasionally and relies on leftovers for most of their meals.

For those that cook frequently, the key to organization will be accessibility. Again, the specifics will vary depending on what you like to cook. If you love experimenting with different spices and flavors, try something like this island shelf to keep your spices within arm’s reach.

kitchen storage solutions

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You can always use Better Homes & Gardens’ tip and keep ingredients in pre-organized boxes within your pantry. This way you can keep all of the ingredients for your favorite recipes in one place. Next time you want to make a “Yummy Creation” with Hickory Farms gourmet ingredients, you can grab everything you need in one swoop.

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For the leftover kings and queens, you need organized Tupperware. Some say an organized Tupperware cabinet is a myth, but we assure you, it can be achieved. The trick is having the right tools. Baskets keep everything contained and also let you easily find and return containers to their shelves. Reuse your Hickory Farms gift baskets!


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The pantry is not the only place that needs to stay organized in order to make the most of your kitchen space. Refrigerator space is also important! Use a lazy susan to keep all of your smaller packaged items easily accessible.

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Celebrate National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week with Letters of Thanks & Military Gifts

Did you know that there is an entire week dedicated to writing letters of appreciation? National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week kicks off on March 1st and is a great opportunity to take a little time to give thanks to someone. Now that we live in the digital age, hand-written thank you notes are all the more thoughtful and appreciated.

For National Write a Letter of Appreciation week, you can write a letter to anyone who has done something – big or small – for you. For example, you could write a letter to a neighbor who recently had your family over for dinner or to a relative who sent you a nice birthday gift. You can also use this week as an opportunity to show your appreciation for those people that keep you and your family safe, like the crossing guard who helps children cross the street safely on their way to school. The possibilities are endless!

hickory farms

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We especially like the idea of sending thank you letters to the men and women in our military in honor of National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week. During the holidays our military men and women often receive notes, care packages and gifts from family, friends and even strangers. Imagine what a nice surprise it would be for them to receive a kind letter that simply thanks them for their service now that the holidays have come and gone.

To make the surprise even sweeter, you could pair your letter with a gift of delectable foods from Hickory Farms. Our military gifts include Our Finest Mixed Nuts Gift Tin and Our Deluxe Signature Sausage & Cheese Gift Box filled with our Signature Beef, Summer Sausage, Smoked Cheddar, and more. Gourmet food gifts like these are a fabulous way to not only say “thank you,” but give your recipient a taste of home, too.

 gourmet food gift baskets


Visit the Hickory Farms website to learn more about our gourmet food gifts and military gifts. Remember that delivery is free to APO/FPO military addresses on denoted items.


How will you take part in National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta featuring Summer Sausage from Hickory Farms

Follow this tasty recipe that incorporates gourmet meats and cheese from one of our holiday gift baskets.

We always love discovering a new recipe and giving it a try, especially when it’s a dish that is easy to prepare and sure to be a hit with family and friends.  We love it even more when we find a recipe or when someone shares one with us that include Hickory Farms’ gourmet meats and cheeses on the ingredient list.

Gourmet gift baskets from Hickory Farms.

Recently, Carrie, the writer behind the blog Making Lemonade, shared a dinner recipe with us called Pepperoni Pizza Pasta that’s quick to prepare and includes our summer sausage.

Carrie shared how to prepare the dish on her blog, stating, “I simply chopped up a few ounces of the sausage, stirred it into tomato sauce, and warmed it in the microwave for a few minutes. Then stirred it in with some cooked pasta and topped it with Parmesan cheese… My kids and husband devoured it. Not too shabby – a family friendly recipe with about five minutes of work on my part…”

Doesn’t that sound delicious?! We think Carrie’s Pepperoni Pizza Pasta would be perfect for families on the go or even for a quick after-school snack.

Our gourmet meats and cheeses can be used in a variety of other recipes, not to mention how invaluable they can be as a hearty snack for parties or when an unexpected guest drops by. Here are a few of our favorite easy-to-make meat and cheese dishes that might surprise you and your guests when you realize the variety of ways to use the ingredients found in our gourmet gift baskets.

Gourmet meat and cheeses from Hickory Farms.

Photo via What We’re Eating

Jambalaya with Summer Sausage – Cubed summer sausage in combination with chicken, rice, vegetables, chile powder, and other ingredients make for a tasty jambalaya everyone will enjoy.

Recipes made from Hickory Farms gift baskets.

Photo via Martha Stewart

Breakfast Quiche – Leftover slices of any variety of gourmet cheese make for a yummy breakfast quiche when combined with eggs, spinach, and gourmet meat.

Enjoy turkey summer sausage from Hickory Farms.

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Hearty Stews and Salads – The next time you make a pot of stew, try adding beef summer sausage or turkey summer sausage for an extra burst of flavor. Or, add it to a simple salad for a more filling lunch or dinner.

Do you have a favorite recipe that includes some of Hickory Farms gourmet meats and cheeses? If so, we would love to hear from you! Share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.