Cooking Safety Tips

On the day of your holiday feast, the kitchen is the most important room in your home. But between sautéeing, broiling and baking, accidents can happen. At Hickory Farms, we want to make sure everybody has a safe and joyful holiday season with these basic cooking safety tips.

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Take precautions for your holiday feasts.

A night or two before the feast and cooking, fire safety tips should be your priority. Walk around your home and check all of your fire alarms. If smoke from the cooking causes the alarm to go off, avoid the urge to remove the battery.

Before you begin cooking, scrub your range top and oven. Get rid of as much build up as possible to prevent unexpected flare ups. Also, make sure all of your supplies are approved by a recognized testing facility and keep a small fire extinguisher at the ready.

Dress to impress and show off your arms. Long sleeves with loose cuffs can easily catch on fire while cooking.

Be Attentive

With your guests talking and laughing in the living room, it can be tempting to leave the kitchen for just a moment to join them. However, unattended pans can quickly turn into kitchen fires.

Keep your working space clean. Avoid placing items, such as towels and pot holders, near the oven or stovetop where they can burn.

Know how to react

If a fire does break out, be prepared. If a fire breaks out on the stove top, turn off the heat and place a lid over the flames. Grease fires often require a fire extinguisher. For oven fires, keep the door closed and turn off the range.

If you follow these simple safety tips, enjoying this time with your family can be one of the best parts of your holiday celebration. Enlist some of your relatives to help you in the kitchen and put out a platter full of Hickory Farms’ pantry essentials to nibble on while you cook. But above all, enjoy a warm and safe holiday celebration!


Simple Ways to Send Holiday Greetings to the Military

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It’s important to remember our brave, dedicated servicemen and women stationed throughout the world. With the holidays upon us, many of our military personnel are separated from their family and friends. Hickory Farms wants to bring the feeling of family to them by making it easy to send an array of gourmet military gifts consisting of sausages, cheeses, fruits, snacks and sweets.


Read on for some other military care package ideas you can send to faraway loved ones.


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Memories of home

Give your military loved ones something that will strike a fond memory of friends, family and good times. Copy some photographs and place them inside a treasured book they will enjoy reading later. Another gift idea with great sentiment is to upload a collection of pictures to a digital frame, so your special someone far away can relive old times.

Children can make an art project or write a poem for their military loved ones to help maintain that special connection across the miles.

Hickory Farms supports our men and women in uniform, and we salute their service to our country by offering free shipping to APO/PPO addresses. To assure standard delivery by December 25, your order must by placed by Dec. 2.

Ideas to Spice Up Memorial Day Cookouts

We’re all about traditions here at Hickory Farms. After all, we’ve been an American tradition for over half a century!  But we also love taking traditions and adding fresh flairs to personalize them and make them even more special. So when honoring troops with family and friends this Memorial Day, why not skip the same-old routine, and try to spice it up?

A Memorial Day cookout doesn’t have to be the same every year, instead of the regular routes, try one of these creative alternatives.

Instead of only relying on flags and red, white and blue décor…
Incorporate foods and dishes in your Memorial Day menu that show your patriotism. You can also honor a soldier currently overseas by serving up his or her favorite foods. 

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Instead of sticking to only hamburgers and hotdogs…
Try throwing unique foods on the grill like salad and fruit. This grilled apple salad from Southern Living looks delicious. And in case you missed it, we recently wrote a post on yummy grilled fruit desserts – be sure to check it out!

Grilled Apple Salad

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Instead of an ordinary cooler…
Try serving drinks in an unexpected way. We love this creative DIY watermelon cocktail keg idea!

Watermelon Cocktail Keg

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Instead of your typical food spread…
Create a build-your-own station! It could be a build-your-own drink or build-your-own dessert bar. We love the idea we came across on Design Indulgences for creating a build-your-own fruit pizza bar! It’s a wonderful way to make food more fun for friends, family, and guests.

Build Your Own Fruit Pizza Bar

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How do you plan to spice up your Memorial Day cookout? Share your favorite tips, tricks, and ideas in a comment or on our Facebook page.