Featured Recipe: Hot Ham & Cheese Dip

We’re nearing the end of the holiday season, with New Years Eve parties right around the corner. So many of us have leftover Christmas Ham, so why not do something amazing with it? Today, I’m sharing the perfect recipe for a holiday party. A Hot Ham & Cheese Dip made with two of my favorite cheeses from Hickory Farms: Jalapeño & Cheddar Blend, a spicy but creamy cheddar, and New York Cheddar Spread, a smooth spread that melts perfectly in this dip. It comes together quickly, tastes amazing, and will impress your guests every time!


Since you’ll be using some amazing cheeses, it’s only logical to use amazing ham as well. The Hickory Farms HoneyGold® Ham is a fantastic and flavorful ham to use in this recipe. You want a ham with a blend of sweet and smoky flavors, and this ham hits all the right flavor notes.


Dips are a great addition to any party, whether you’re hosting in your own home or bringing a dish over to a friend’s home to share. If the latter, just place the unbaked dip in the host’s oven for a couple of minute until bubbly and golden brown. Serve with fresh vegetables like celery and it’s a completely gluten-free party dip that most of your guests can enjoy! This is also a great, gluten free dish for those with dietary restrictions.

Hot Ham & Cheese Dip recipe 1

Hot Ham & Cheese Dip

Serves 4-6 guests



1 tablespoon unsalted butter

1/4 large onion, finely chopped

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

3/4 cup whole milk

1 teaspoon cornstarch

5 ounces New York Cheddar Spread

1/2 cup grated Jalapeño & Cheddar Blend, cubed

1 cup finely chopped Ham

Fresh celery


  1. Preheat the oven to 425F.
  2. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, sauté the butter and onions, seasoning them with salt and pepper. Cook until onions are translucent.
  3. Add the milk and let it come to a simmer. Remove 1/4 cup of warm milk and in a small bowl, whisk with cornstarch. Pour this cornstarch mixture back into the pot and whisk quickly.
  4. Add New York Cheddar Spread cheese and 1/4 cup grated Jalapeño & Cheddar Blend.
  5. Once the cheeses are smooth and melted, fold in the ham.
  6. Spread the cheese/ham dip in a square oven safe dish and sprinkle the rest of the grated Jalapeño & Cheddar Blend. Bake until golden brown and bubbly. Serve with fresh celery.

Hot Ham & Cheese Dip recipe

With the Hot Ham & Cheese Dip, and a little help from the savory and spicy cheeses, and HoneyGold® Ham from Hickory Farms, you will have everything you need to have an appetizer that is the hit of any party. Stop at your local holiday market to find these and others to create delicious recipes through the new year.


Marnely Rodriguez- Murray is an established chef with an extensive culinary background, as well as a friend of Hickory Farms. Marnely brings masterfully created recipes using her favorite Hickory Farms products. Marnely has a special knack for turning every dish into a masterpiece.


Worry-Free with Gluten-Free

No cake, no pizza, and no bread. These three rules alone can send anyone into a major food rut. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the food items from a long list that you have to give up when you are diagnosed with celiac disease or if you develop an insensitivity, intolerance, or allergy to gluten.

hickory farms

Photo via Happy Mothering

For some of those with these dietary restrictions, even the slightest bit of gluten can ruin a meal. But to help keep you worry-free, here are some great tips for avoiding gluten that were inspired by an article from Eating Well magazine.


  • Double-check any medications for gluten before taking
  • Read food labels carefully
  • Be careful not to cross-contaminate foods, containers, and utensils
  • Focus on incorporating healthy whole grains like quinoa and brown rice into your diet

Avoiding gluten can also mean avoiding the gluten-free diet blues. That’s why Hickory Farms is happy to help by making gluten-free eating easier and tastier. No need to sacrifice taste for wellness anymore! From savory sausages and creamy cheeses to gourmet nuts and refreshing fruit, Hickory Farms has plenty of food products that are delicious and gluten-free so you can enjoy worry-free.

And to keep your gluten-free diet from ever falling into a rut again, here are some great gluten-free blogs we recommend for gluten-free cooking inspiration!


– Gluten Free Mommy

– A Gluten-Free Day

– Gluten-Free Goddess

– No Gluten, No Problem

– Book of Yum


Have a favorite gluten-free recipe or gluten-free blog you’d like to share? Post it in a comment below or on the Hickory Facebook page.


Corporate Gifting for the Holidays: Start Planning Now!

corporate gift giving

Savor the Season Gift Box from Hickory Farms

Fall is firmly upon us which means the holidays are quickly approaching so start planning your gourmet corporate gifts for the holiday season.

Giving corporate holiday gifts to clients and customers has many benefits, the most obvious being a stronger relationship with the client. Giving a gift shows that you value their business.

Corporate gift giving also allows you to further emphasize your brand. That does not mean showering clients with logo-bedecked items, but rather driving home your core message. Simple, high-end gifts like wine gift baskets and cheese baskets associate your company with quality and is sure to be enjoyed by the recipient.

While many businesses have eliminated corporate gifts due to the down economy, showing your appreciation for clients through corporate gift baskets illustrates that your company is going strong.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting corporate gift baskets for Christmas for clients or colleagues:


  • Don’t focus too much on your logo or branding. If every item is covered in branding, the gift seems like a marketing ploy rather than a sincere “Thank you.”
  • If your budget doesn’t allow for individual gifts for every employee or contact at the company, gourmet corporate gift baskets are the way to go. Not only are gift baskets easy to send, but they are also easily shared in the office and can include something for everyone.
  • When choosing corporate gifts, it’s important to work with a professional. A knowledgeable account representative can advise you on the best gifts and assist you with the entire process, even tracking each delivery.
  • Gourmet fruit selections are an elegant choice, as are wine and cheese baskets. Gift baskets filled with gourmet sausages, cheeses, mustards, and crackers are also a great treat for an office, where they may just cause an impromptu holiday party!
  • Keep in mind any dietary restrictions or food allergies your gift recipient may have. Our consultants can help you find the perfect gift for any client because we carry a variety of gluten-free and diabetic-friendly gourmet foods.


If you are searching for a great option in corporate food gifts, check out our selection of business gifts and corporate gifting services. Our gourmet corporate gift consultants can assist you with choosing great gifts that fit your budget, and you can even send us your gift-giving list for a stress-free holiday solution.
What are your favorite corporate gifts that you’ve received throughout the years?