Seasonal Recipe: Dried Fruit Thumbprints

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Source: Martha Stewart

Making some fruity desserts is a delicious way to celebrate all of the fresh things growing around us this spring. By combining dried fruit, jam and just a little hint of chocolate, you can whip up one of our favorite spring recipes — delicious Dried Fruit Thumbprint cookies — to enjoy with your friends and family!

Making your marbleized dough

The base of these flaky cookies is made with two different flavors of dough — one chocolate and the other vanilla. Both contain essentially the same ingredients, including flour, salt, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla. However, to make your chocolate dough nice and rich, mix in a heaping scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder.

To marbleize or mix the batches of dough together, start by rolling both into ropes that are about a half-inch wide. Then, form the base of your cookies by pinching off a piece of each rope and rolling it together to form one chocolate and vanilla swirled ball. Finish by holding your dough and using your thumb to press a small well into the center of each cookie before refrigerating for half an hour.

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Source: Martha Stewart

Adding the final touches

After your cookies have had the chance to firm up a bit, it’s time to throw them in the oven for a few minutes. While they’re baking, start mixing up your fruit and jam filling. For the right ratio of fruit, simply combine one cup of dried and chopped fruit with one tablespoon of jam. 

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Source: Martha Stewart

The type of fruit and jam flavor you pick is entirely up to you. You can try pairing our Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread with yellow and white dried peaches or pairing our Strawberry Fruit Spread with pears and plums. Mixing Raspberry Fruit Spread with mangoes and apricots is another combination that works well together. Finish the dessert by spooning the filling over the top of your cooled cookies.

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hickory farms

With this delicious recipe, some fresh fruits from our Dried Fruit Collection and spreads from our Farmstand Fruit Spreads collection, you can bake a fruity dessert and make the perfect sweet ending to your spring feast.

Bountiful Tastings: Baby Shower Fruit Baskets

A bountiful fruit plate is a light and healthy dish perfect for any spring baby shower. Rather than simply placing fruit on a platter, you can transform your fruit display into a fun decorative item that matches the shower’s theme. Add a truly unique design to your baby shower buffet with these fun ideas.

Source: Mandatory Mooch

Why put fruit in an ordinary bowl when you can serve it in a baby fruit carriage?

Starting with a watermelon, cut off most of the top half of the melon, leaving a small overhang that looks like the hood of the carriage. Then, scoop out the watermelon, leaving a light pink coating. Afterwards, finish the carriage with four wheels made of orange slices.

Inside, transform a peeled cantaloupe into an adorable baby’s face, using blueberries or grapes for eyes, a melon ball for a nose and placing a pacifier where the lips should go. Put the face at the top of the watermelon carriage and fill the rest with an assortment of your favorite fruits.

Cute animal designs are always a great option for baby showers

Source: Ordinary Parent

You can make a fun fruit frog by topping half an apple with two marshmallows for eyes and a strawberry for bright red lips. Place the frog in the center of a platter and surround it with fruit kebabs filled with berries, melon and grapes.

Source: Canadian Family

Birds made out of fruits are another great way to dress up your buffet. You can make baby owls out of grapefruit slices using blueberries as eyes and orange sections for little wings.

Source: Tidy Mom

Rubber ducks make a fun and simple baby shower theme. Simply create a cute fruit platter to match by layering rows of blue and purple berries. Amp up visual interest with a row of floating rubber ducks – just add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water for a pop of color.


You can pair any of these great baby shower fruit platter ideas with a Hickory Farms gourmet fruit basket, such as our Bountiful Tastings gift, featuring delicious fruits, nuts and cheeses. With these ideas, you’ll be on your way to hosting a memorable and delicious spring baby shower.



Fun Spring Basket Ideas for Kids


Filled with candy, toys and special surprises, kids always look forward to receiving their spring baskets. Choosing a theme is a great way to make each basket reflect your child’s unique interests. Grab a couple brightly colored baskets, some tinsel or tissue paper, and make this year’s spring baskets even more special with some fun ideas.

Source: JIU via Woman’s Day

  • For the budding artist, fill a basket with items that will inspire your children and bring out their creativity. Great options for an artistic basket include sidewalk chalk, finger paints, crayons, markers, coloring books and sketch pads.
  • If you have a little fashionista, create a basket brimming with things for playing dress up. Add some sunglasses, nail polish, costume jewelry and hair accessories for a truly stylish basket.
  • Sports fans will love a basket with football, baseball and basketball-themed treats. Load each basket with sports cards, ball caps and foam balls. If your little ones also play sports, consider adding small pieces of sports equipment, such as shin guards or batting gloves.
  • Dollar stores and bargain bins are full of toys that can be combined for a fun and affordable basket. Choose miniature books, bouncy balls, modeling clay, silly putty, or any other little toys you can find.
  • For a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your older children, consider filling their spring basket with fun activities rather than toys and treats. Stuff a basket with vouchers for the movie theater or admission tickets for local museums or zoos. Another great alternative is movie night in a basket. Simply fill a basket with a movie or two, a box of microwaveable popcorn and a bag of your teen’s favorite candy.


Once you have your kid’s baskets prepared, make sure to get a spring basket treat for yourself. With Hickory Farms gift baskets, such as our Bountiful Tastings or Hickory Tropical Delight, you can treat yourself to an adult twist on the traditional spring basket that includes fresh fruits, yummy cookies, decadent cheeses and other delicious treats that are perfect for a spring feast. Your kids will love it too!