Cheese, Fruits and Nuts: Family-Friendly Snacks

With tons of calcium, protein, fiber and vitamins, snacks consisting of fruits, nuts and cheese are healthy and delicious treats for the whole family. Be ready to combat hunger in a healthy way with these fun snack ideas for kids, that are made with ingredients from Hickory Farms’ gourmet fruits and nuts baskets.

Cheese snacks from Hickory farms

Make a fun twist on a traditional cheese sandwich by substituting crackers for delicious cheese snacks.  Simply cut up an assortment of our creamy cheeses, such as the Smoked Cheddar or Creamy Swiss Blend, add the cheese to the cracker and top with either sliced pickles or your favorite flavor of our Farmstand Fruit Spreads.

Kid-friendly snacks from Hickory farms

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Transform extra bits of gourmet fruits and nuts into a delicious granola. Start by drying apples and pears in a food dehydrator. Then, on a baking sheet, combine rolled oats and mixed nuts with honey, maple syrup, cinnamon and a pinch of salt before baking. Allow the mixture to cool and toss in the dried fruit.

Fruit sandwich from Hickory Farms

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Turn an apple into a sweet and delicious fruit sandwich. Begin by cutting your apples into rings, carefully removing the core. Top half of your apple slices with peanut butter, chopped nuts, chocolate chips and coconut. Finally, finish by adding a second apple slice.

Fun snack ideas for kids from Hickory farms

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Give your cashews a whole new flavor profile by currying them. In a small bowl, whisk together lemon juice, curry powder and salt, and then bake the nuts until dry.


Kid-friendly snacks from Hickory Farms

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For a kid-friendly snack that’s sure to delight, top crackers with mouse-shaped cheese. To make the mice, cut a large slice of Farmstead Cheddar and, with your knife, round the corners to form the mouse’s body. Finish with almonds for the ears, raisins for the eyes and the nose, and a long piece of chive for the tail.

Cheese snack from Hickory Farms


With the gift baskets from Hickory Farms’ Fruits and Nuts collection, such as the Fresh from the Farm basket–featuring creamy cheeses, assorted gourmet nuts and fruits — or the Hickory Tropical Delight – which includes fruits, pistachios, a variety of cheddars and a bottle of wine–you’ll have nearly everything you need to create one of these easy, healthy snacks for your family.

Seasonal Recipe: Poached Pears over Ice Cream

When it comes to fall fruits, there’s nothing quite like a nice, crisp pear. This versatile fruit can brighten your cranberries, add a subtle sweetness to your stuffing, or liven up your dessert buffet. Impress your guests this season by finishing your meal with decadent poached pears over vanilla ice cream.


Source: The Pioneer Woman


Preparing your pears

Begin with five pears that are slightly firm to the touch. Remove the peel and slice the pears in half. Then, using a spoon, take out the seeds and the core, before running your knife through the fruit a few times for a nice, rough chop.

Now’s the time to add the goodies! Place your diced pears in a medium-sized mixing bowl and douse them with a liberal amount of sugar and just a pinch of salt. Stir the mixture to coat and set the bowl aside.


Source: The Pioneer Woman


Time for the toppings

Grab a generous handful of pecans and place them on a large cutting board. Take your chef’s knife and chop the pecans until there are no big pieces remaining.

In a second mixing bowl, add one and a half cups flour, one-third cup of brown and white sugar, a bit of cinnamon and some chopped pecans. Melt a stick of butter in the microwave and add it to your bowl. Then, mix the butter, flour, sugars, cinnamon and pecans together.


Source: The Pioneer Woman


Assembling the dessert

After lightly buttering a baking dish, spread your pears in an even layer before adding toppings.

Now, all you have to do is pop the dish in the oven for half an hour at 350 degrees. Afterwards, top with ice cream and serve while still warm!


Sharing the love

This delicious dessert also makes a great gift idea. Simply print off the recipe and tuck it into one of our many amazing Hickory Farms pear baskets, like the Hickory Holiday Celebration, which includes tons of gourmet goodies, such as wine, sausage and cheese; the Fresh From the Farm Basket, which features an abundance of artisan delicacies, or, for the true fruit lover, the Orchard’s Bounty Gift Basket.

No matter which basket you choose, anyone on your list is sure to love this thoughtful and delicious Hickory Farms gift.

Fruit for All: Summer Sandwiches with Fruit

Get creative in the kitchen this summer with seasonal flavors that can turn an ordinary meal into an invigorating treat. We love the idea of putting fruit on sandwiches to add a sweet and refreshing burst of summer flavor. So we sought out some quick and easy summer sandwich recipes with our favorite summer fruits.

Surprisingly Berry Good Sandwich

Jazz up a meat and cheese sandwich by substituting slices of strawberries for slices of tomatoes. You can also use cherries, apricots or figs! explains why this summer sandwich substitute will always turn out tasty.

“…any fresh, in-season fruit makes a great tomato substitute until the real things are ready. Of course, we all know by now that tomatoes are actually a fruit, so this makes sense. In texture, sweet-to-tart ratio, juiciness and color, many fruits are excellent stand-ins for fresh tomatoes, especially in salads and on sandwiches.”

Grilled Watermelon & Cheese Bites

We all know how delicious fruit and cheese combos can be. And if you tried one of our recipes from our post on “Uniquely Delicious Grilled Fruit Desserts,” you know that fruits are great on the grill! So naturally, our mouths began to water when we saw this summer comfort food recipe for Watermelon Grilled Cheese Bites from Brit + Co.

Slice watermelon and a firm, salty cheese into sandwich-friendly slices and throw them straight on the grill or stick them on a kabob first. After about a minute on each side, take the slices of watermelon and cheese off and stack them into sandwiches with some arugula leaves.


summer recipes

Source: Brit + Co

Tropical Chicken Salad Sandwich

If you love chicken salad, you’ll love this tropical version of this classic summer sandwich. When preparing your salad with diced chicken, onion and mayo, toss in a cup of sliced mango. Add chopped fresh basil, too!


summer sandwich ideas

Source: Edamam

Do any of these summer sandwiches have your mouth watering? Tell us what your favorite sweet and savory summer combinations are in a comment below!

Don’t forget that Hickory Farms has a wonderful selection of gourmet food baskets with fresh fruit. Browse our online store to learn more!