5 Spectacular Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner

While turkey may be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner, it can’t truly shine without a few tasty accompaniments. Modernized side dishes can give your family celebration a unique (and scrumptious!) twist. Wow your family’s taste buds this year with these five spectacular side dishes inspired by Hickory Farms gourmet turkey sausage.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Seasonal Produce

Celebrate your region’s seasonal bounty with a vegetable dish that will make you thankful for this year’s harvest. Simply roast a collection of fall produce, like squash and beets, and toss the veggies in vinaigrette made with our Honey & Pineapple Mustard, lemon juice and maple syrup.


Source: Iain Bagwell via Southern Living

Zesty Cranberry Sauce

Gourmet turkey just doesn’t taste as good without a side of cranberry sauce. Make a delicious dish for your table by cooking down fresh berries with port, orange liqueur and a pinch of zest from our Navel Oranges.


Source: Iain Bagwell via Southern Living

Modern Ambrosia

Although ambrosia salad has long been a staple on Thanksgiving tables across the country, you can give yours a modern twist by adding slices of grapefruit, Navel Oranges, celery and avocado. Serve the salad over arugula and then top it with a coconut-based dressing and our mixed nuts.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing

Whether you stuff your bird or serve it on the side, delicious dressing is a necessity. Spice yours up by replacing the croutons with cornbread and flavoring with fennel, spinach and pieces of our Turkey Summer Sausage.

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Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Cheddar Biscuits

Make your bread course a special treat by featuring some cheese. Simply mix a handful of our grated Farmhouse Cheddar into the biscuit mix and add a little pinch of cayenne to give your biscuits an extra burst of flavor.


For a great Thanksgiving meal your family will rave about, simply pair these five side dishes, featuring ingredients from our Turkey Hickory Sampler Gift Box, with a gourmet turkey or ham, and your feast is ready.

Best Holiday Dessert Ideas

All over America, homes will soon be filling up with the sumptuous smells of roasting turkey and baking pies. It’s the perfect family holiday — less hectic than Christmas, but still a convivial gathering of family and friends coming together to create lasting memories.

Hickory Farms wants to share some decadently delicious dessert ideas for our loyal customers to try this holiday. Check out some of our favorite holiday dessert ideas below.


Source: What She’s Having

Pear & Cranberry Hand Pies

These individual pies are the perfect blend of tart and sweet and will make the best holiday dessert. Made with fresh cranberries and pears from our Fruitful Gift Tower and flavored with cinnamon and cloves, this recipe is quick and easy to make. After it’s done baking, top these pies off with whip cream or vanilla ice cream.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Baked Apple Bowl Pies

Another single-serve treat, these individual apple pies are sure to be a hit at Thanksgiving dinner and could make a great Christmas party dessert idea, too. Made with toasted hazelnuts, caramel ice cream topping, milk, egg and butter, they can also be baked with store bought pastry. After you’re done baking, sprinkle each pie with a dusting of cinnamon and some sage leaves for extra flavor.


Source: Recipe Lion 

Harvest Mousse

This dish features butternut squash with maple syrup and plain gelatin. You can place everything in a food processor or simply substitute these ingredients for canned pumpkin. Egg whites and heavy cream are then folded into the mix. This decedent holiday dessert is then topped with candied squash made with water, sugar, vanilla beans and some pepper for an extra punch.


Source: Kate’s Puddings

Spiced Almond Tuiles

This dish is the perfect holiday dessert companion to serve with your Harvest Mousse. Use a food processor to grind up your almonds, mixing in sugar, butter, egg whites and spice. Then, bake at 350° for 10 minutes.


Source: Hickory Farms

No matter where you’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year, you can bring along a delightful hostess gift, such as Hickory Farms Gourmet Gift Basket, Boxes, and Food Gifts with flavors like Raspberry Sorbet Heart, Espresso Coffee Cream, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Almond Butter Toffee and so much more.

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Best Kept Kitchen Secrets

Even the world’s most famous chefs cut corners in the kitchen. Today, we’re going to share some of the tricks that top chefs hide under their toques in order to save time and trouble in the kitchen without sacrificing flavor or quality. These six top chef shortcuts can help you go from an amateur to an at-home chef and entertainer extraordinaire.


  • Breadcrumbs make a great substitute for flour when you need to thicken a sauce. Allow them to simmer for several minutes to release their starch, and remember to strain the sauce before serving. Your sauce will be thick and flavorful with no floury taste.
  • Use a pair of kitchen shears to cut meat swiftly with no mess. They make it easier to get the exact sized pieces you want while keeping your hands clean. Kitchen shears are also a quick and easy way to mince garden herbs for your favorite recipes.
  • Instead of starting from scratch, use a ready-made sauce or condiment to quickly add a zip to sauces, marinades and dishes to cut down on prep time.
  • Fresh cheese is a must for authentic Italian and other dishes, but soft cheeses can be difficult to grate quickly and easily. One trick is to freeze the cheese for 20 minutes to make grating a breeze.
  • Waiting for butter to soften adds precious minutes to a busy cook’s tight schedule. Hasten the process by grating the butter in a bowl. The small pieces soften much faster.
  • Homemade stock is the lifeblood of many great recipes, but is time consuming to prepare. Having pre-measured amounts on hand can save tons of time and energy. The next time you make a pot of stock, fill a muffin tin with the liquid after it cools and throw it in the freezer. Once frozen, pop the individual helpings out and store them in labeled and dated freezer bags.
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