Say ‘Thank You’ to Clients and Vendors with a Hickory Farms Gift Basket

As a savvy business owner, your success depends a great deal on promoting positive relationships with your clients and vendors. This is why it’s a good investment to let loyal clients whom your business depends on know you’re grateful for their trust and support.

sausage and cheese gift box

Selecting the Perfect Corporate Gift

One way to show your appreciation is by gifting them with corporate gift baskets from Hickory Farms. Your recipients will relish the distinctive flavors of our Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Box. Hickory Farms summer sausage is made with only the highest quality ingredients, making our business gift baskets a reliable hit.

wine gift basket

Another good choice for valued clients is our Vintner’s Savory Selection Gift Box with its two varieties of cheeses, Sweet Hot Mustard and summer sausage that pair beautifully with our rich and fruity Cabernet Sauvignon from Lucinda & Millie. Clients and vendors will also enjoy our Signature Sausage & Cheese Gift Box filled with summer sausage, cheese and gourmet mustard to round out a delicious snack.

corporate gift basket

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Make it Personal

Because personal notes are such a rarity in the technology era, receiving a custom card, courtesy of Hickory Farms, really stands out. Your clients and vendors will feel appreciated and impressed that you went the extra mile to express your appreciation for their contributions.

holiday petit fours

Expand Your Network by Throwing a Party

Successful businesses are built upon establishing good relationships with other people. One way to do that is by hosting a party for clients and vendors. Expand your guest list by adding other professionals like attorneys, accountants and everybody up and down the supply chain. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to build new business contacts while enjoying the convivial atmosphere. Hickory Farms is your go-to source for gourmet party delights. Our Holiday Petits Fours are always a big hit at any gathering, too.

Hickory Farms provides our corporate clients with a special corporate pricing plan. To learn more, call us at 800.715.1474, or email us at to set up your corporate account. Gifting an employee or business associate with a Hickory Farms gift basket is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ this season.

Corporate Gifting for the Holidays: Start Planning Now!

corporate gift giving

Savor the Season Gift Box from Hickory Farms

Fall is firmly upon us which means the holidays are quickly approaching so start planning your gourmet corporate gifts for the holiday season.

Giving corporate holiday gifts to clients and customers has many benefits, the most obvious being a stronger relationship with the client. Giving a gift shows that you value their business.

Corporate gift giving also allows you to further emphasize your brand. That does not mean showering clients with logo-bedecked items, but rather driving home your core message. Simple, high-end gifts like wine gift baskets and cheese baskets associate your company with quality and is sure to be enjoyed by the recipient.

While many businesses have eliminated corporate gifts due to the down economy, showing your appreciation for clients through corporate gift baskets illustrates that your company is going strong.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting corporate gift baskets for Christmas for clients or colleagues:


  • Don’t focus too much on your logo or branding. If every item is covered in branding, the gift seems like a marketing ploy rather than a sincere “Thank you.”
  • If your budget doesn’t allow for individual gifts for every employee or contact at the company, gourmet corporate gift baskets are the way to go. Not only are gift baskets easy to send, but they are also easily shared in the office and can include something for everyone.
  • When choosing corporate gifts, it’s important to work with a professional. A knowledgeable account representative can advise you on the best gifts and assist you with the entire process, even tracking each delivery.
  • Gourmet fruit selections are an elegant choice, as are wine and cheese baskets. Gift baskets filled with gourmet sausages, cheeses, mustards, and crackers are also a great treat for an office, where they may just cause an impromptu holiday party!
  • Keep in mind any dietary restrictions or food allergies your gift recipient may have. Our consultants can help you find the perfect gift for any client because we carry a variety of gluten-free and diabetic-friendly gourmet foods.


If you are searching for a great option in corporate food gifts, check out our selection of business gifts and corporate gifting services. Our gourmet corporate gift consultants can assist you with choosing great gifts that fit your budget, and you can even send us your gift-giving list for a stress-free holiday solution.
What are your favorite corporate gifts that you’ve received throughout the years?

Get in the Game with Tailgating Tips for Football Season

You’ve waited all year for it, and it’s finally here! Football season has arrived, and that means weekends of tailgating with family and friends.

Entertaining from the back of your vehicle may seem challenging, but with a bit of forethought and some clever ideas, your tailgate party is sure to be a touchdown. Take a look at some winning ideas for your next football party.

Food Prep:

Your favorite team has done plenty of work before they ever step foot on the field, and the same goes for any great tailgating meal. You’ll want to do as little cooking and assembling on-site as possible, so think about what you can do ahead of time.


gift baskets from hickory farms

Photo via Food Network

Sides and salads are easy to make beforehand, but you can also pre-cook meats, which are then easy to finish off on the grill at your tailgating site. Of course, you can also skip the grill and go with easy, crowd-pleasing options like sandwiches or gourmet meat and cheese gift baskets. Beef Summer Sausage, smoked cheddar, and hot mustard are a hearty combo and perfect for casual snacking. You’ll have less work to do and more time for fun!

summer sausage and cheese gift basket

Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Basket


Let’s be honest; a parking lot and the back end of your vehicle do not constitute the most attractive party venue. A little tailgating décor can go a long way towards setting a festive atmosphere, and there are so many fun and easy ideas to choose from.


tailgating decor from hickory farms

Photo from Scrappy Crafty Happy

Bunting is a great way to add a pop of color and team spirit to your party, and is easy to hang from your vehicle or pop-up shelter. This tutorial from Crafty Scrappy Happy is endlessly customizable and easy to make from materials you may already have.


tailgating decorations from hickory farms

Photo from Hostess with the Mostess

This football centerpiece seen on Hostess with the Mostess is super easy to create and adds a dose of whimsy to your game-day table.


tailgate party decorations from hickory farms

Red Balloons by Technicolor 76

We love this clever idea from Martie Knows Parties for a tailgating decoration that is both festive and practical. Tie a cluster of helium balloons in your team’s colors to your vehicle or tent so friends can find you in the crowd.


football party games from hickory farms

DIY game from Lowes

Pass the time, keep the kids busy, and maybe even make some new friends by bringing a few games to play at your tailgating party. Cornhole (or Bean Bag Toss as it is more commonly known outside the Midwest) is a classic choice, but don’t be afraid to get creative. This turf table idea from Lowes is not only easy to make, but it also doubles as party décor and a place to lay out your tailgate buffet filled with your variety of Summer Sausage, gourmet nuts and other gift basket items.

Every family has their own tailgating traditions; what are yours? Leave us a comment sharing how you have personalized your tailgating routine to create the perfect party, and be sure to check back soon because in our next post, we’ll be sharing some easy tailgating recipes, crowd-pleasing snacks and delicious serving ideas using Hickory Farms meat and cheese gift baskets.