Tips to Make Green Tea Taste Better

Are you shaping up for the new season? If so, you’ll be glad to know that something as simple as a warm cup of green tea is packed full of good-for-you antioxidants and nutrients. Here are just some of the best health benefits of green tea Hickory Farms has compiled to inspire your spring makeover.

  • Green tea contains bioactive compounds like flavonoids and catechins, strong antioxidants that decrease the body’s production of harmful free radicals, while protecting cells on a molecular level.
  • In addition to caffeine, green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that can cross the blood-brain barrier and improve mental functioning.
  • Studies indicate that green tea can pump up our metabolic rates and boost our bodies’ ability to burn fat.
  • Bioactive compounds protect the delicate neurons in our brains and can reduce our risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Below are some easy ways you can give your green tea an extra burst of flavor.

Source: Documenting our Dinner

  • A fresh slice of lemon is a great addition to either hot or iced green tea.

Source: My Recipes

  • In a slump and want to feel invigorated? Just add some fresh mint leaves to your cup for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Instead of sugar or an artificial sweetener, add a few drops of vanilla extract or a half-teaspoon of pomegranate juice to sweeten your cup.
  • If the taste of your tea is too strong, simply add a little hot water. For a weaker taste, you should keep brewing time under two minutes.

Source: B’nai B’rith France

  • Add a couple tablespoons of green tea powder to a breakfast smoothie for a high-energy treat. You can make this smoothie with soy or skim milk, half a banana and some vanilla-flavored protein powder.


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Finding the Perfect Winter Dessert Treat: Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

We recently had our first snow of the season in Ohio. I much prefer the warm weather months, but since harsh, brittle winters are inevitable in Ohio, I’ve learned to make the best of it. I often have guests over to help make the time spent at home a little more fun. Since I tend to have a lot of people over, I am always looking for flavorsome treats to have in dishes throughout my home for people to snack on. My favorite winter snack to have ready while entertaining is peppermint dessert treats. I am always on the hunt for new variations on this classic candy that my guests will love.

Anything made with peppermints around this time makes me incredibly happy – peppermint sticks, peppermint brownies, peppermint martinis…the list goes on and on.

Now that we are entering into the start of the chilliest months here in Ohio, my primary focus was to get my hands on the mintiest treat I could find from Hickory Farms.

I had some amazing minty options, but my sights were set from the beginning. Hickory Farms Peppermint Snow cookies were my choice. I can’t think of  a better treat than combining crunchy chocolate cookie with crushed peppermints.


I was first drawn to the appearance of these amazing peppermint Christmas cookies.   These tasty indulgences are concealed within white and dark chocolate. As if that isn’t enough, they are then sprinkled with crushed peppermints. the crushed peppermints not only add a crunchy, minty finish, but they make the presentation of these chocolate peppermint cookies so impressive that they make for an incredible after dinner dessert treat at a dinner party or family gathering.

The Peppermint Snow Mint Cookies were put to the test when I hosted a small holiday gathering. I knew my guests thought they were as enchanting as I did when I realized an hour into the party that there were none left for me!

There were two lessons I learned that night. The first was that for every winter gathering from this point on, Peppermint Snow Mints have to be a dessert treat for guests to nosh on. The second lesson is that I always need to buy an extra bag for myself.