Worry-Free with Gluten-Free

No cake, no pizza, and no bread. These three rules alone can send anyone into a major food rut. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the food items from a long list that you have to give up when you are diagnosed with celiac disease or if you develop an insensitivity, intolerance, or allergy to gluten.

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For some of those with these dietary restrictions, even the slightest bit of gluten can ruin a meal. But to help keep you worry-free, here are some great tips for avoiding gluten that were inspired by an article from Eating Well magazine.


  • Double-check any medications for gluten before taking
  • Read food labels carefully
  • Be careful not to cross-contaminate foods, containers, and utensils
  • Focus on incorporating healthy whole grains like quinoa and brown rice into your diet

Avoiding gluten can also mean avoiding the gluten-free diet blues. That’s why Hickory Farms is happy to help by making gluten-free eating easier and tastier. No need to sacrifice taste for wellness anymore! From savory sausages and creamy cheeses to gourmet nuts and refreshing fruit, Hickory Farms has plenty of food products that are delicious and gluten-free so you can enjoy worry-free.

And to keep your gluten-free diet from ever falling into a rut again, here are some great gluten-free blogs we recommend for gluten-free cooking inspiration!


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– A Gluten-Free Day

– Gluten-Free Goddess

– No Gluten, No Problem

– Book of Yum


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