Throw a Christmas Party in July

What better way to beat the heat than to celebrate Christmas in July? One of the most unique summer entertaining ideas we’ve come across yet, hosting a Christmas Party in July can be a fun and festive way to gather friends and family in the spirit of a favorite holiday.

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Source: King’s Hawaiian

Send out invitations using summer-inspired holiday cards with snowmen in sunglasses or Santa in a Hawaiian shirt. Your guests will be surprised to receive a Christmas card in July, and this will really pique their interests and get them excited for your party. For décor, take inspiration from treasured holiday traditions, but put a summertime spin on them. Hang some funky Christmas lights and deck out a palm tree with summer-themed Christmas ornaments like Santa on a surfboard or seashells dangling from red and green ribbons.

Add some upbeat Christmas carols to your party playlist like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” Mix them in with your usual party medley so guests will be surprised when another Christmas song pops up.

Come up with some festive drinks like red and green margaritas or frosty eggnog daiquiris. Serve them right along with homemade Christmas cookies brightly decorated in summer colors. Hickory Farms Italian Ice Cream Truffles would also make for a great cool treat. You can even stack them and decorate them to look like snowmen!

Christmas in July can also be a fun theme for a child’s birthday party. All kids love Christmas, so getting to celebrate it twice will certainly put smiles on their faces. Because it’s July, blow up a few beach balls and hang up some beach towels to make it a Christmas luau. Invite the kids to put on their bathing suits for a water balloon fight out in the yard with red and green balloons. Or, set up a game of horseshoes renaming it “Reindeershoes” or a game of musical chairs with Christmas tunes.

Whether you do a Christmas in July party for friends or kids, everyone is sure to love this theme! You may even start a new tradition. And don’t forget that Hickory Farms has delicious gourmet foods and treats for memorable parties and easy summer entertaining.


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