Prepare for Unexpected Holiday Guests

Source: Kerri Robusto Interiors via Houzz

The holidays are all about spending quality time with those you cherish. Sometimes loved ones can be so enthusiastic to spread the holiday cheer that they show up unannounced. Be prepared for the unexpected by stocking your pantry with a few items from Hickory Farms and, with these simple entertaining tips, you’ll be ready to make all of your guests — even the last minute ones — feel right at home.

Greet your guests with a treat

Invite your guests in from the cold with a piping hot cup of tea. Keep a chic tea tray at the ready by adorning it with your favorite tea pot, cups and saucers, along with some sugar cubes and a selection of the fine teas available from Hickory Farms’ Ceylon Tea Collection.


Set out a snack tray to give your guests something to nibble on as you chat. Make a simple, delicious appetizer by slicing Our Signature Beef Summers Sausage and pieces of our Harvest Vegetable White Cheddar Blend. Arrange the sausage and cheese on a platter with Golden Toasted Crackers and an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

While your guests are enjoying their snack, take the opportunity to inconspicuously tidy your kitchen. Quickly scrub your sink, wipe your stove top and brush off your counters.


Make a night out of it

Ask your guests to stay for dinner. Be ready to prepare a gourmet meal in minutes by keeping some staples and bottled sauces in the pantry. For a quick meal with tons of bold flavor, sauté chicken, pineapple chunks and mixed veggies with Hickory Farms’ Sweet & Sour Sauce and serve over rice.

There’s no better way to finish a great evening together than with something sweet. Cap off your night of effortless entertaining with a holiday classic, Golden Fruit Cake!

With these simple entertaining tips and a few select Hickory Farms’ essential pantry products, you can be prepared to be a gracious, welcoming host, even at a moment’s notice!

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