How to Serve Up a Tasteful Open House

Even in this digital age of online house hunting, June Fletcher of the Wall Street Journal encourages all home sellers to hold an open house.

“While it’s easy to spend an afternoon blasting through slide show after slide show of homes for sale, photos alone don’t sell homes. They can’t convey how a home smells, sounds or feels — and, as anyone who has seen a room shot through a wide-angle lens knows, they can deceive.”

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So once you’ve cleaned and staged your home, how do you make it even more appealing to the senses? Serve refreshments!

Mark Nash of Realtor Mag says the first rule of a delectable open house is to ditch the silverware: “If a guest at your open house needs to use a spoon, fork, or knife to graze at your buffet, the food is too fussy. Finger foods are always best.”

Finger sandwiches were one of HGTV’s “10 Foods for a Delicious Open House” because “they are the perfect size for snacking, and they’ll lend your open house a distinctive upscale feel.”

Whole washed fruit, nuts and cheese and crackers are some other great finger food options. To estimate how many visitors you will have, try to find out what the average attendance was for a previous open house in your neighborhood or area. Then, accommodate for three hors d’oeuvres and one beverage per person. As Nash says, “Be careful not to go overboard; lavish spreads could signal desperation to savvy home buyers.”

Set up a pretty food and beverage station with fresh cut flowers to display food and drink. Outfit the station with quality plastic cups, cocktail-sized plates and napkins. For beverages, stick to bottled water and coffee (unless you have white carpets).

Selling a home is hard enough. Let Hickory Farms take care of the open house refreshments for you. Our Deluxe Signature Summer Sausage and Cheese makes for fabulous finger food and mini sandwiches. Or, any one of our gourmet food baskets filled with a combination of sausage, cheese, crackers, nuts, fruit or mints can be all you need for a tasteful open house. Head over to the Hickory Farms online store to order.

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