Cute Snacks for Outdoor Play Dates with Kids

After being cooped up inside all winter long, kids (and parents) are counting down the days until its prime, outdoor playtime weather! The arrival of spring opens the door to tons of options for fun activities to enjoy with kids. One of our favorite ideas is to arrange an outdoor play date with friends at the park, bringing along cute snacks that kids will love.

Lots of pre-packaged snacks for kids are made in the shape of animals, but they’re not nearly as much fun as trying to make your own. This fruit peacock is made from juicy pears, grapes, blueberries and a baby carrot. You can add in other fruits to make it even more colorful and tasty!

peacock fruit snack for kids

Photo via Be Different Act Normal

You can use cookie cutters to make meat and cheese sandwiches into fun shapes. What kid could resist this dinosaur sandwich and kiwi tree?

fun snacks for kids

Photo via Play and Learn Pals

How about these adorable hardboiled egg mice chasing after tiny bites of cheese? These are sure to make kids giggle and make them actually want to eat their lunch!

snacks for outdoor play dates with your kids

Photo via

But don’t let the fun stop at animals! Here’s a creative snack made of slices of meat, cheese, and veggies that will inspire kids to put on their pretend astronaut helmets for a space mission around the playground.

creative snacks for kids

Photo via Rafa Kids

Who wouldn’t love making their own edible flower gardens? In fact, you can simply bring lots of tasty snacks and let kids use their imagination to make their own creative display. Tell them you are making an exception to the “don’t play with your food” rule just this once!

fun kids snacks

Photo via Creative Kid Snacks

What types of fun snacks do you carry for outdoor play dates with your children? Leave a comment to share with us, or better yet, share a picture with us on the Hickory Farms Facebook page!



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