A Fresh Garden Party

Here at Hickory Farms, we’re quite fond of traditions that involve delicious food spreads. And since garden parties are a delightful tradition that also comes with a unique history, we’ve decided to stop and smell the roses!

Queen Victoria hosted the first royal garden party at Buckingham Palace in the 1860s, calling these afternoon meals “breakfasts.” Today, Queen Elizabeth hosts at least three garden parties each summer at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Originally instituted to present debutantes, these garden parties have evolved into events for recognizing and rewarding public service. And while they may be one of the most relaxed royal events, these garden parties usually come with a guest list of a whopping 30,000 attendees! Be glad you’re not in charge of the food for these garden parties!

With colors and textures inspired by summer, a garden party could be a wonderful way to dress up a gathering, be it a birthday celebration, a wedding reception, or some other special occasion. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a flowery-fresh garden party.

With decorative fans, flower pots, mason jars, and chalkboard signs, this colorful hutch offers some great ideas for serving food in a fun, casual way at a garden party.


hickory farms

Photo via Catch My Party


We like the idea of finding unexpected ways to display flowers at a garden party. Try to repurpose items – like soup cans – and turn them into flower vases, or try to find a unique way to hang your flowers like in this rustic-chic garden scene.


garden party decorating ideas

Photo via Apartment Therapy

In addition to flower pots and watering cans, bird cages also make for wonderful décor to add a charming touch to garden parties. Use them as a centerpiece or try hanging them from nearby tree limbs.


garden party decor

Photo via The Little Corner

Although the sunshine is a gardener’s best friend, you can also throw a gorgeous garden party at night. And to add extra ambiance to your garden soiree, make sure to hang some decorative string lights or lanterns.


summer entertaining ideas

Photo via Zsa Zsa Bellagio


Have you thrown a garden party before? What décor did you use and what kinds of food did you serve? Hickory Farms has new spring gifts that are great for garden party spreads or as thank you gifts for hosts. Visit our online shop to see these and more gourmet food baskets and gifts.


And for more inspiring warm-weather entertaining ideas, visit our “Set the Table for Spring” Pinterest board. 

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