Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7, 2013!

The old saying goes that “an apple for the teacher will always do the trick when you don’t know your lesson in arithmetic.” But as Eric Hoffer once wisely said, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” May 7, 2013 is Teacher Appreciation Day and a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about the importance of expressing gratitude.

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How the tradition of giving a teacher an apple first came about is still a bit of a mystery. Some say the tradition is rooted in the fact that apples once served as a common form of compensation. Others say the association of apples with education began because apples are symbolic of learning right from wrong (remember our curious friends Adam and Eve?). But as most of us know, the only teachers still getting apples from their students are most likely only the ones in the movies. But here at Hickory Farms, we love the idea of reinventing this tradition!

Instead of sending your student to school with an apple, how about sending a gorgeous fruit basket to the teachers lounge for the whole faculty to enjoy? Hickory Farms has several fruit baskets and fruit gift boxes that would be perfect for parents and students to say “Thank you” to teachers. Our Fruitful Gift Tower or Fresh Fruit Medley Gift Box, for example, are two gifts that are sure to be a big hit with teachers!

Our Fruitful Gift Tower includes 2 Signature Beef Summer Sausages, 2 Farmhouse Cheddar wedges, a smoked Cheddar Blend, 6 D’Anjou ® Pears, Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers, and our Berry Nut Bounty Mix.

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Our Fresh Fruit Medley Gift Box includes 3 Bartlett Green Pears, 2 Bartlett Red Pears, 3 Red Delicious Apples, and 3 Navel Oranges.

gift ideas for teachers

Parents, how will you be saying “Thank you” to teachers this Teacher Appreciation Day? Share with us in a comment below.

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