Celebrate Success When You Send Corporate Food Gift Baskets to Clients

“I’d like to thank the Academy…” This famous phrase heard many times at the Oscars is a humble reminder of the first thing one should do when succeeding is say “Thank You” to those who supported you.

And while you may not be receiving an Oscar, your company should always respond to success by first thanking your clients. Sending a corporate food gift basket to clients is a wonderful way to show how much you value their loyalty and express your appreciation for their business. Corporate gift giving is also a thoughtful gesture that can help you to continue to strengthen the relationships you have built with your clients.

Hickory Farms has a wide variety of corporate gift-giving options from wine and cheese baskets to gourmet nut and meat gifts. Our quality corporate gift baskets are filled with delicious ingredients like gourmet meat, cheese, fruit, wine gifts, and other delectable treats. We also have consultants on hand who can help you customize your gifts to build the perfect gift basket for each and every one of your clients.

hickory farms

Wine and cheese baskets from Hickory Farms

We can even help coordinate corporate food gifts throughout the year. Whether you want to send wine gift baskets on birthdays and anniversaries or sweet gifts on holidays, our gift consultants can make sure your clients receive gourmet corporate food gifts that you hand-selected for them, just in time to celebrate the special occasion. All you have to do is email your spreadsheet to one of our consultants and we’ll take care of the rest!

There’s no better way to celebrate success or share good news with clients than with a thoughtful corporate gift. Visit the Hickory Farms website or call 800-715-1474 to speak with a corporate gifts consultant to start creating your custom corporate gift baskets.

What kind of gifts have you given your clients in the past to show your appreciation? What gifts did your clients seem to enjoy the most? We’d love to hear about your experience with corporate gift giving. Share a comment below!

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