Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

At Hickory Farms, we know that you spend lot of your life in the kitchen. From cooking and dining to entertaining and (sometimes) enjoying that elusive cup of tea, a majority of the day is spent here. If you’re going to spend so much time in a single space, it should be one that works for you not against you.

Every kitchen has at least one space dedicated to “junk.” If you’re particularly organized, maybe you’ve managed to limit it to just a single drawer. For most of us, though, it starts out small and slowly begins to take over. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, hide it, or push it from your thoughts, it’s impossible to avoid forever. But there’s no need to stress. Achieving an organized kitchen is easier than you might think.

First, assess your situation. Everyone uses their kitchen differently. If you’re a master chef then you likely have multiple gadgets and gizmos most of us have never even heard of. You’re storage needs will be much different from the person who cooks occasionally and relies on leftovers for most of their meals.

For those that cook frequently, the key to organization will be accessibility. Again, the specifics will vary depending on what you like to cook. If you love experimenting with different spices and flavors, try something like this island shelf to keep your spices within arm’s reach.

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You can always use Better Homes & Gardens’ tip and keep ingredients in pre-organized boxes within your pantry. This way you can keep all of the ingredients for your favorite recipes in one place. Next time you want to make a “Yummy Creation” with Hickory Farms gourmet ingredients, you can grab everything you need in one swoop.

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For the leftover kings and queens, you need organized Tupperware. Some say an organized Tupperware cabinet is a myth, but we assure you, it can be achieved. The trick is having the right tools. Baskets keep everything contained and also let you easily find and return containers to their shelves. Reuse your Hickory Farms gift baskets!


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The pantry is not the only place that needs to stay organized in order to make the most of your kitchen space. Refrigerator space is also important! Use a lazy susan to keep all of your smaller packaged items easily accessible.

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