Prepare Your Pantry for the Start of School

An organized kitchen and a well-stocked pantry are essential for a smooth start to the school year. There will be lunches to fix, quick breakfasts to eat before school and then easy dinners to whip up before after school programs and sports. Here’s how you can prepare you kitchen and pantry to start the busy school year off right.

First, clear out your fridge and pantry. Go through your refrigerator and freezer and purge them of all questionable items and give the appliances a thorough cleaning. Make sure that you are using space efficiently. Try to keep items in designated areas in your refrigerator and pantry. If necessary, arrange movable shelves to ensure taller and bulkier items like bottles of wine and gallons of milk are in an ideal spot. Separate large packages of meat into individual units and wrap them in foil so they don’t get freezer burn. Date and label all packages so you can easily find what you need and know when it’s time to cook or toss.

Once you have a clean slate, you can focus on how to maximize your storage so you can stock up on all you need to cook up quick, delicious and nutritious meals. Store like items and like containers together — cans on one shelf, boxed items like pasta and crackers on another. Beans, rice, and other dried goods can go in glass canisters.

Create extra storage space for potatoes, onions and garlic by hanging up a three-tiered wire basket in or near the pantry. These baskets can also store smaller items like spices, boxes of plastic sandwich bags, cupcake wrappers, cookie cutters and other kitchen supplies.

If you still need more storage, use shelves in basements or utility rooms or even plastic bins stacked in closets. Remember to always rotate your stock with newer items in the front to make sure everything gets used before its expiration date.


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Keeping your kitchen organized saves you stress during the hectic school week as well as time that can be better spent with your family. Let Hickory Farms help you by stocking up on these pantry essentials.

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