Make Work More Fun with Hickory Farms!

If you missed Employee Appreciation Day on March 1st, you still have another opportunity to show your employees or coworkers your appreciation. April 1st is National Have Fun at Work Day. We think this is a perfect opportunity to go out of your way to treat your employees or coworkers. Not to mention it’s a lot nicer than an April Fool’s Day prank!

And we have a great idea for you, too. Why not turn a table of the break room into a tasty spread of Hickory Farms gourmet sausage and cheese? As Business News Daily notes in “11 Things That Make Workers Happy,” providing food in the office is a simple yet great way to create a favorable work environment.

hickory farms


Your employees and coworkers will be grateful for the opportunity to skip their microwave meals that day and instead enjoy a plate of fresh, gourmet nuts, cheese, crackers, sausage, and fruit. And a surprise spread from Hickory Farms also gives you and your employees or coworkers the chance to socialize and have a little fun. Remember that happy employees are often more creative and more productive as well as better leaders and team players!

A snack or lunch crafted from hearty and delicious ingredients from Hickory Farms doesn’t have to happen only around Employee Appreciation Day or National Have Fun At Work Day, though. It could also be a great way to help coworkers and employees get through a stressful deadline or prepare for an important business engagement. Consider it brain food!

hickory farms


One of our Twitter followers recently tweeted that “I think hard working devs who create great games deserve gifts. I send my peeps @VisceralGames some @HickoryFarms every year.”


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