Host a Happy, Healthy Halloween Party for Everyone!

From fresh fruit baskets to gluten-free treats and more, plan the perfect Halloween party by creating options for guests with dietary restrictions.

Having dietary restrictions can be a challenge any time of year, but it can really take the fun out of the holidays. Whether you have special dietary needs or you have a child, friend or neighbor who does, consider throwing a Halloween party that provides treats everyone can enjoy!

Throwing your own party ensures that you get to enjoy the festivities without worrying about any hidden dangers on the menu. Using Hickory Farms gourmet food gifts is a great way to cut down on your preparation time without sacrificing flavor, but you’ll also be glad to know that many of our items are gluten free and diabetic friendly.

These days, there are so many ideas for gluten-free meals, including seasonal serving ideas that kids and adults alike will love. The Tarantula Tacos and Chili-Filled Coffins from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom are both cute and creepy, not to mention delicious! Consider dressing up your chili with our Beef Summer Sausage and some gourmet cheese, like the Smoked Cheddar Blend from our Savory Cheese Collection.

Tacos with gourmet meats from Hickory Farms

Gluten-free dish ideas from Hickory Farms.

Other gluten-free options include Frankenstein Baked Peppers and Scary Eyeballs.

Gluten-free dish ideas from Hickory Farms

Gluten-free Halloween eye balls from Hickory Farms

Halloween is also a challenging time of year for people with diabetes, but there are lots of diabetic-friendly Halloween foods you can include at your celebration. Diabetic Friendly Halloween Tips has some great advice on keeping the holiday fun and healthy for everyone.

One suggestion is to steer clear of sugary treats in favor of savory delights like gourmet nuts.  This Vampire Bite nut mix is a bold way to welcome guests, but you could also serve one of our nut gift baskets for a no-fuss party solution.

Entice partygoers with a platter of gourmet meats and cheeses or even a festive holiday cheese ball. You can create a spooky spider cheese ball using bell pepper slices, olives and some black sesame seeds.

Holiday cheese ball from Hickory Farms

The trick to great entertaining with dietary restrictions or food allergies is to keep an open mind and be creative. How can you serve or display a food to fit the Halloween theme?

Do you have any ideas for creating an inclusive Halloween party that everyone will enjoy? Share your experiences entertaining for Halloween with dietary restrictions in the comments section below!

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