Get Your Pantry Organized for the New Year

Tips for storing everything from canned goods to your sausage and cheese gifts.

The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to do a little cleaning and organizing around your home. You’ve already taken down your holiday decorations and put them away, so why not tidy up a few other areas, such as your pantry or kitchen cabinets?

Pantry organization tips from Hickory Farms.

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While you may have good intentions to regularly clean out your pantry during the year, we all know that life happens and we tend to accumulate more than we need at hand. The clutter can make it hard to find what you need – or worse – can cause you to discover a pantry staple is out of date when you need it the most.

Organization tips from Hickory Farms.

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Regularly cleaning and organizing your pantry offers a number of benefits. For starters, it will save you time when you are preparing meals for your family, as you’ll be able to access the items you need with ease. Additionally, you’ll save money because you’ll have a better idea of what’s in stock so you don’t buy multiples of the same thing.

Below are a few pantry organization tips to help you get off to a good start in 2013:

  • What’s Cooking America suggests starting by completely cleaning your pantry out and tossing items that are out of date or stale. Empty packages. Any items that are still good that you don’t want to keep can be donated to a local food pantry.
  • Take inventory of the basics you need to keep in your pantry. Items you can use for a quick meal or snacks for unexpected guests are a must.
  • Once you’re ready to restock and reorganize, group similar items together, with the newest items at the back so you don’t run the risk of items going bad before you use them.
  • Organized Home recommends making use of any available space for even better organization.
Cleaning tips from Hickory Farms.

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With an organized and well-stocked pantry, you’ll be well-prepared for any event, like a spur-of-the-moment party. Just be sure to keep a good stash of party snacks on hand! Items such as sausage snacks and Jalapeno cheddar cheese make for hearty appetizers that can be put together in a pinch. Also, consider having a few delectable condiments such as Sweet Hot Mustard or Cranberry Mustard on hand for added flavor. Add these to a plate containing our gourmet sausage and gourmet cheese and you’ll have a simple appetizer that is sure to please your guests. Having sausage and cheese gifts hidden away in the cupboard can also a great idea for a last minute host or hostess gift.

Summer sausage from Hickory Farms. Gourmet cheese from Hickory Farms.

 Do you have a few pantry organization tips to share? Or perhaps a few gift baskets and other items that you always have stocked in your pantry? Please leave a comment to share with us!

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