Festive Drinks & Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo Fiestas

“With a history steeped in battles and rebuilding, Mexico has earned every right to be proud.”  Discovery News


Time to get out your sombreros and maracas – it’s almost Cinco de Mayo! This holiday celebrates Mexico’s freedom from French rule after defeating the French forces in the Batalla de Puebla on May 5, 1862. And each year, more and more Americans help Mexico celebrate on May 5 with the famed Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo fiestas are all about tasty Mexican food and festive drinks. But instead of battling the Cinco de Mayo crowds at your favorite Mexican restaurant, why not invite your friends over and throw your own fiesta? We’ve found some fabulous ideas and inspiration for festive drinks and cocktails perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Here are some of our favorites.


Blend or mix a fresh and fruity margarita.

As Delish puts it, it’s time to “dust off your margarita pitcher and celebrate the warm weather.” Make it a frozen margarita and or serve it on the rocks. Get creative and make up your own fresh combination of fruits with oranges, mangoes, and even kiwi. Don’t forget to finish the rim with lime juice and rock salt!

cinco de mayo ideas

Photo via Mind Over Batter

Stir up some scrumptious Sangrias.


Simple yet delicious, sangrias go perfectly with a Mexican-themed meal. And the best part is you can’t really make them wrong! This drink can be made any way you want. All you need is dry red wine and then you can add whatever fruits and flavors that are calling you. Apples, oranges, sugar, cinnamon, seltzer, and sparkling lemon and/or lime drinks are some popular Sangria ingredients you can start with.

cinco de mayo party ideas

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Mix a tangy Tequila Sunrise.


If you want to test your bartender skills, this cocktail can be really fun and festive! The key is to get the coloring just right. This drink is made primarily with freshly-squeezed orange juice, but grenadine is used to add that touch of sweetness and that pretty coloring that reminds us of a stunning sunrise!


cinco de mayo ideas

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What are your favorite cocktails to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with? Share with us your favorite fiesta drinks in a comment below or on our Facebook page!


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