Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month with Military Gifts from Hickory Farms

“The strength of our nation is our Army; the strength of our Army is our Soldiers; the strength of our Soldiers is our families.” – United States Army

showing appreciation for military families

Photo via Army

May is Military Appreciation Month, a month-long observance dedicated to taking time and special care to honor the brave individuals that serve our nation. As a part of Military Appreciation Month, we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 10th, Armed Forces Day on May 18th, and Memorial Day on May 30th.

Military Appreciation Month is a wonderful opportunity to show love and support for our soldiers and give back to the very people that sacrifice so much for us. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than by sending thoughtful comfort foods that bring soldiers the love and warmth of home?

Hickory Farms would like to help spouses, family members, friends and other citizens show their love and appreciation to soldiers by offering them special military gifts that are eligible for free APO/FPO delivery. Made with delicious food products and nostalgic authenticity, these gifts are packaged with love to ensure that soldiers know just how much you care.

Spouses, family members, and friends can select Our Deluxe Signature Sausage & Cheese military gift. This gourmet food gifts features signature Hickory Farms flavors that instantly remind soldiers of their favorite family and holiday memories. To read more about the quality ingredients and tasty treats included in these gift boxes, head to the Military Gifts section of our website.

Military Gifts from Hickory Farms

Have you ever sent Hickory Farms to a solider? How did they like it? Or, tell us about your soldier in a comment below and share how you plan to show them your love and support this month.

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