Unique Seasonings for the Hickory Farms Ultimate Burgers

With our Pfaelzer Brothers Ultimate Burgers, you get 8 oz. individually packaged filet patties with all of the juicy flavor you crave in your burger. While all you really need to make these burgers amazing is a nice sear and maybe a slice of cheddar, part of the fun of eating burgers is adding your own unique flavor. Create a burger that is perfect for you with these seasoning ideas.

Source: Hickory Farms

Source: Hickory Farms

Spice it up

The right seasonings can add a little zip or really bring out the hearty beef flavor of the meat. To create a perfectly balanced burger with just the tiniest hint of sweetness, try adding a few tablespoons of our Sweet Hot Mustard. If you are looking to go spicy, a bit of Sriracha is always a good option.

Herbs are another way to add depth of flavor. Thyme, for example, gives your burger a pleasing woody taste. If you really want to highlight the beautiful beef flavor, steak sauce, with notes of vinegar, dried fruit, tomatoes, and pepper, or sweet and tangy Worcestershire are perfect.

Make it even more juicy

Some burger additions add moisture, making the meat juicier. Egg, for example, binds the meat together and gives the burger a nice texture. Two more options for adding juiciness and extra flavor are bread crumbs, which give you a toasty note, and onion, which provides a bit of sweetness.

Add something unexpected

If you are looking for a more earthy flavor, try dried mushrooms. Red wine will add peppery notes, sesame oil gives you a bit of nutiness, and capers will fill your burger with bursts of saltiness.

No matter what you put in your Ultimate Burger, you know that it is going to be amazing. Order your Pfaelzer Brothers burgers, steaks, and seafood today to make your next barbecue the best one yet.

Ideas For a Great Spring from Pfaelzer Brothers

Spring is nearly here, and the coming of spring brings advantages many of us have been looking forward to. The obvious element of excitement is the warm weather. So many have had to endure a winter that was second to none. The ability to enjoy the warm air and sunshine seems to be the aspect of spring that those of us who’ve had a long winter are most excited for. Here at Pfaelzer Brothers, we see spring as a time for family gatherings, outdoor activities, and delicious eating. By following these three easy tips, you can plan activities with your family, coworkers, or friends that will allow you to take advantage of everything spring has to offer, while enjoying the good company of others.

 Filets and Triffles

Plan a Company Picnic

After this winter, your coworkers are going to be just as anxious to feel the warm sun on their face as you are. Many times, it’s difficult for employees to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in team building activities such as these. Schedule an hour towards the end of the work week with your department or company during the lunch hour to take advantage of the changing season. Bring beach towels for sitting, and encourage everyone to bring a brown bag lunch for an authentic picnic.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

At Home Grilling

How do you take advantage of the sunnier season when you’re spending time at home? This is the season to fire up the grill! The grill adds a smoky and delicious taste to everything, so this is a place you can really have fun with your ingredients. Pfaelzer Brothers 8oz Ultimate Burgers or the New York Strip Steak create the perfect marriage with the fiery grill. For a perfectly cooked burger or steak that’s just slightly pink in the middle, grill for 9-12 minutes per side. After removing your deliciously grilled burgers or steaks, throw some asparagus on the grill to give your meal a final touch.


Source: FoodNetwork

Source: FoodNetwork

A Walk in the Park

As simple as a walk in the park is, it is an activity that is both soothing and beneficial. Take some time out of your busy day, whether it be during a lunch break, or on the weekend, to walk a couple of laps around the park. Being able to take in the fresh air, and the scenery of the changing seasons will get you more in tuned with the fact that spring is finally here.


With the arrival of spring, these three tips, and a little help from Pfaelzer Brothers delicious steaks and burgers, you’re sure to have a spring that stands out above the rest.


Delicious Lunch Ideas with Hickory Farms Pears & Cheddar

If you’re looking for a delicious combination of flavors, pears and cheddar cheese taste fantastic together, as the crisp, juicy pear really brings out the natural fruit notes of the cheese. Order a Hickory Farms Fruit & Cheese Fest Gift Box, so that you can try out these delicious pear and cheddar cheese lunch recipes at your home.

Source: Hickory Farms

Source: Hickory Farms

A rich and creamy soup

The brightness of the pear makes this decadent cheese soup pop. To create this dish, start by sauteeing potatoes, celery, onion, thyme, and your diced pear until everything has softened. Next, add a big splash of the white wine. Once you have cooked down the wine a bit, stir in chicken stock.

After 30 minutes, use an immersion blender to puree the soup. Now, it is time to add handfuls of grated cheddar cheese, cream, and salt and pepper. Heat the soup until the cheese is melted.

A one-of-a-kind grilled cheese

This twist on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich will please eaters of all ages. First, you will want to preheat a griddle. Then, butter one side of two pieces of bread, before placing them butter-side down on the hot griddle. Top the bread with cheddar cheese, pears, and more cheese. Complete the sandwich with another slice of buttered bread. Once the cheese is starting to melt and the bread is turning golden brown, flip the sandwich to toast the other side.

Source: Oh My Veggies

Source: Oh My Veggies

A super crunchy salad

For a salad your whole family will love, try this unique version of a Waldorf. In a large bowl, start by blending apple cider vinegar and honey with a little salt and pepper. Then, combine the vinaigrette with chopped apples and pears, slices of celery, and cubes of cheddar cheese. Finally, stir in a handful of pecans and serve the salad over a bed of lettuce.

The combination of crisp pears with creamy, decadent cheddar is a flavor profile that your whole family is sure to love. Bring home the Fruit and Cheese Fest basket today, and surprise everybody with a little something different for lunch this week.